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Hank Williams Jr.’s wife Mary Jane Thomas died after cosmetic surgery

Mary Jane Thomas died after cosmetic surgery

The former model died in March of a collapsed lung that was punctured during surgery, according to an autopsy report

Hank Williams Jr.’s wife Mary Jane Thomas passed away, and the reason why has been made public.

According to a report from the Palm Beach County Medical Examiner and an autopsy report, which were acquired by yahoo, Thomas, 58, passed away on March 22 as a result of a collapsed lung that had been punctured the day before during elective surgery. Accidental death was given as the reason for death.

The autopsy lists the cause of death as “pneumothorax due to perforated parietal pleura during liposuction with autologous fat reinjection procedure.”

According to Science Direct, the parietal pleura is a membrane that is connected by connective tissue to the inner surface of the chest wall and is crucial for the production and removal of pleural fluid.

The results of the autopsy revealed that Thomas’ lung collapsed as a result of her surgeon puncturing the membrane during the fat transfer procedure she underwent as part of a breast lift after having her breast implants removed.

The former model, who now resides in Nashville, flew to Jupiter, Florida for liposuction at Bafitis Plastic Surgery as well as to have her old breast implants removed. According to the Medical Examiner’s findings, she was given the all-clear for the surgeries by a doctor at her house.

Williams’ spokesperson and a representative for Bafitis Plastic Surgery did not immediately reply to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

According to the report, she was brought to a rehab clinic after being released from the facility at 7 p.m. on March 21. The following day, Thomas was “sitting up in bed, speaking normally” when she “suddenly” stopped responding.

After being taken to a nearby hospital, Thomas passed away there, according to the report.

According to the Medical Examiner’s report, Thomas’ surgeon stated that her vital signs were normal and that she had been administered the anticoagulant Lovenox.

Seven more findings were reported in the postmortem report, including fatty liver metamorphosis, minor coronary artery disease, and slight brain swelling (which is a common finding in people who, like Thomas, had a history of alcoholism).

She first met Williams, the 73-year-old son of the late country music icon Hank Williams, in 1985 at one of his concerts. They were wed in 1990. They have a son Samuel, a musician, and a daughter Katherine, who passed away in a car accident in 2020.

Sam, 25, paid tribute to his late mother in a statement to PEOPLE shortly after her death.

“My dear Mama Mary Jane was a beautiful soul who forever affected everyone who knew her. She had a smile and presence that lit up every room and she never met a stranger she didn’t befriend. Her spirit was gentle and giving.

She could take down a ten-point buck and fix dinner for her grandchildren at the same time! Now she gets to radiate from above with my sister Katherine Diana right by her side,” he wrote, referencing his late sister.

“She grew up competing in baton and cheerleading and was one of Hawaiian Tropic’s top models.  My father fell in love with the Daytona Beach beauty the minute he set eyes on her in the early ’80s. They went on to live the most powerful love story of travel and hunting and raising a family.

She is survived by my father, her two parents Ramona and Bill, her brother Andy, her sister Angela, myself, and her three grandchildren: Beau Weston, Tennyson Hiram, and Audrey Jane. Rest in peace Mama, I will always be the son of Mary Jane.”

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