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Co-appearance of Kylie Jenner with Travis Scott caused outrage on the web

With a duet appearance on the red carpet, the model confirmed that she is once again happy in a relationship with a cheater.

Kylie Jenner was harassed on the Web for a joint appearance with her ex-boyfriend – cheating Travis Scott. Not so long ago, the couple officially ended the relationship after the rapper’s regular adventures to the left.

For a long time, Jenner assured everyone that they would no longer get along with Scott, but she did not interfere with his communication with her daughter.

Later, rumors about a possible reunion spread again in the press. Kylie and Travis were repeatedly found in the company of each other and a common heiress.

Now the reality star has decided to answer all the rumors once and for all by appearing with Travis on the red carpet of a charity event in New York. Especially for this social event, Jenner chose a deep green silhouette dress with a revealing neckline.

Scott was dressed discreetly: in a black suit. The entire evening, the dark-skinned rapper did not hesitate to demonstrate his love for his chosen one, hugging her and hugging her closer to him.

It is noteworthy that the former lovers also brought Stormi’s daughter to the social event. All this time, the girl kept close to her parents, not leaving them a single step.

It would seem that family reunification is a reason for joy. But it was not so: angry comments rained down on Jenner on the Web.

“There is clearly something wrong with these sisters. None of them are capable of holding a man, ”“ I think she looks dead. Not an ounce of emotion on your face “,” This is what happens when you try to squeeze a piece of bacon into a tight dress to the last centimeter.

Now you need a man to hold the fabric, which will burst even at a glance, “” Their pair is a deplorable eccentric empty content, “said those who were not indifferent.

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