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Michelle Obama gives Barack Obama a $175M divorce ultimatum

Michelle Obama has, allegedly, given Barack Obama a $175 million divorce ultimatum.

According to National Enquirer, Michelle Obama is furious with her husband. And she also, allegedly, reached her breaking point.

After all, the former first couple has, allegedly, been fighting nonstop over money and their two daughters, Malia and Sasha.

“To the outside world, the Obamas look like they have a storybook union. But, behind the scenes, it’s a different matter entirely. Despite their loving appearances before the cameras, they’ve had knock-down, drag-out fights. Right now, the marriage is hanging by a thread,” the source said.

Barack Obama furious over Michelle Obama’s spending

The tabloid also alleged that one of the couple’s biggest fights has to do with Michelle’s spending. However, the former first lady doesn’t think that she’s spending too much money especially since her memoir, Becoming became a huge hit.

“Michelle thinks arguments overspending are ludicrous because she can more than supporting herself. Now, she’s warned Barack that her lawyers will see to it he loses a lot more in divorce court than she could ever spend in a lifetime. She’s told him in no uncertain terms that if he doesn’t up his game, she’s gone for good,” the source said.

The tabloid then revisited their previous claims about Michelle Obama and Barack’s marriage.

Barack Obama upset with the success of ‘Becoming’

Last year, National Enquirer alleged that the couple has also been fighting over Michelle’s revelations in Becoming.

In the memoir, the mom of two admitted that there were times wherein she wanted to push Barack out the window.

Michelle Obama admits her marriage isn’t perfect

The ex-FLOTUS also admitted that she struggled with the decision to end her flourishing career as a lawyer after Barack pursued his presidency.

“Michelle had a good career and was advancing. She felt a lot of resentment towards Barack for having to put her career aspirations aside to raise their daughters and run the household, while he climbed all the way up to the White House. Even after becoming the first lady, she felt cheated and never let Barack forget it,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

However, those who have read Becoming would know that this isn’t what Michelle meant when she talked about what she had to give up for her husband.

And the fact that Michelle Obama and Barack have been together for years proves that their marriage is strong.

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