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King Charles Hit With Painful Report Ahead Of Coronation Ceremony With Camilla, Queen Consort


King Charles III is less popular now than he was as Prince of Wales, new poll finds. As preparation wraps up for King Charles’s coronation ceremony, he has been hit with a damning report that confirms that his popularity is sinking.

King Charles has to accept that some of his decisions as the new Monarch and the damaging revelations by Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and the British media have contributed to him taking the blow in the polls.

His Majesty also discovered via the newly-released poll that many in Great Britain disapprove of his job. According to the new Ipsos poll, Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton, have remained the most loved members of the Royal Family.

The spot was initially reserved for the late Queen Elizabeth II. The data that was recently published showed that King Charles was more loved by the British people when he was a prince.

As the new Sovereign of the United Kingdom, only one-fifth of the people who participated in the poll “said King Charles was the royal they liked the most.”

Forty-nine percent of those polled said that King Charles was doing a good job as the British Monarch. However, he was at 61 percent the month he inherited the throne from his mother.

Kelly Beaver, MBE, Chief Executive of Ipsos UK and Ireland, tried to put a positive spin on the painful data by saying: “With less than two weeks until the Coronation, King Charles may be happy to know that half of Britons think he is already doing a good job, numbers recent Prime Ministers would envy.”

Beaver added: “It’s a good start for Britain’s new King and something he will no doubt want to continue to work on once the Coronation Quiches are eaten, and the bunting is down.”

A different survey showed more enthusiasm for King Charles, with almost 57 percent of the respondents expressing their satisfaction with his performance as Monarch.

Express noted that sadly for King Charles, that “marks a decline of 8 percent from the previous survey conducted in May 2022.”

When asked to name their favorite two or three members of the Royal Family from a list, participants put Catherine, Princess of Wales, and Prince William on the top of this list.

The media outlet revealed: “Princess of Wales, with 38 percent of mentions, followed by Prince William, the Prince of Wales (34 percent).”

King Charles had 20 percent of mentions, and his wife Camilla, Queen Consort, received 10 percent, and so did Meghan Markle. As for Prince Harry, he got 14 percent.

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