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KIM KARDASHIAN Fan sends diamond ring PLAN B … Security Team Steps In

Kim Kardashian’s security team is working OT once again — this time intercepting a disturbing package from a fan that included a diamond engagement ring … and Plan B. Seriously.

Sources with direct knowledge tell us the package, addressed to Kim, was sent to her home and discovered by her guards on June 3. We’re told Kim’s team has reason to believe the items were sent by a man who’s shown up there several times in the past.

We’ve obtained photos of the ring and the Plan B. The ring looks like a real diamond, though it’s tough to tell the quality. For obvious reasons, her security wasn’t exactly concerned with the number of carats — instead, job 1 for them is making sure these strange deliveries never get to Kim.

Our sources say the man first came to Kim’s home in February, asking to see her and then again, just a couple weeks ago, he showed up to her gated community claiming he was there to pick her up for dinner.

He’s allegedly been harassing her online too, posting a self-made marriage certificate and another item that read, “Queen Kimberly” is “sitting up in thy big castle alone waiting for her Knight in Shining Armor.”

We’re told his social media accounts have been shut down, and Kim’s legal team isn’t taking any chances — they plan to file a restraining order against the man ASAP.

As we first reported … Kim, who is divorcing Kanye West, recently got a protective order against another man professing his love for her after she claimed he was growing frustrated from failed attempts to get inside her home.

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