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Kamala Harris’ Go-To Beauty Products For An All Day Flawless Look

This is true for saying that having a polished, professional look is still an important part of the job of Vice President Kamala Harris unquestionably has a lot on her plate, and while far from the top of the list. Recently from the campaign trail to the White House, our first female has focused on cameras but deep down thanks to her go-to beauty products.

We had to sneak peek into her routine. Harris’ makeup artist Sam Fine, who is also admired by Beyoncé and Michelle Obama, recently spoke to Hello Giggles about the VP’s look. Fine has zeroed in on his craft and elevating Black women, with over 25 years of experience working with women of color from press conferences to runway looks.

But when the point comes to Harris, it is a well-known truth that Fine knows the look can’t be overly glamourous or divert from the news she is addressing. He also revealed that she’s typically opted for full lashes, glowing skin, and a neutral lip for her look. This is normal that her busy day is must happen when any occasion where an MUA is needed, leaving behind products for touch-ups during long.

Fine identified a few favorites when asked about his go-tops for Harris. The first thing first is a versatile product, because no one wants to haul around an entire makeup case all day. This is not a bad thing to say that Fine loves NARS The Multiple, an all-in-one cream stick that can be used as an eyeshadow, blush, or lip color.

No matter where it can apply, this product helps to highlight your favorite highlights and build an overall luminous glow. Secondly when it comes to a lip-specific product, Fine knew Harris would need something that had to stay strong without being too exhausting. That’s what he loves about Hourglass Girl Lip Stylo Lip Crayons.

“They are hydrating, weightless, and provide a lustrous finish,” Fine also told Hello Giggles: “I find that most all-day-lasting lipsticks can really dry out lips and possibly irritate them, so I prefer products with a bit of hydration or gloss.” In the end, need to help restraint excess oil and shine, a quality blotting paper helps to consume the difficulty without taking on more powder or smearing off the foundation. Fine loves Tacha Blotting Papers, which is gentle on the skin and has 23 Karat gold on each sheet to add a subtle, radiant glow.

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