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Joy Behar jokes that she would “never introduce” her husband to Sunny Hostin

Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin
(The View)

Sunny Hostin may be happily married, but Joy Behar will not let the lawyer bombshell be near her husband. During this morning’s episode of The View, the comic joked about her “man-magnet” co-host.

During a Hot Topics program, Whoopi Goldberg mentioned a woman who didn’t want to introduce her best friend to her new boyfriend for fear that he would find the best friend more attractive and leave her.

While Goldberg said, “This is on you, babe. This is not them,” Sara Haines pointed out, “There’s always gonna be someone prettier, hotter, smarter, younger — you name it — that’s gonna walk into the room. If that’s the kind of person you have, that’s not a ride or die.”

Meanwhile, Behar joked, “I personally would never introduce my husband to Sunny Hostin because Sunny is a man magnet.”

She continued, “Luckily, she doesn’t believe in adultery and neither does my husband, but there are certain women — she’s one of them — who sits in a bar — I’ve said this before and it’s appropriate to bring it up today — sit in a bar and men are sending drinks over.”

Hostin attributes her feminine qualities to attract male species to her “big teeth” and “too much” smiling, at least according to her husband.

When Haines quipped, “I smile a lot and I don’t have that problem,” Goldberg added, “Men send me stuff all the time in bars. I’m not a magnet. I don’t drink, but still.”

In the end, the panel was divided over the matter, with Hostin calling the woman a “smart girl” for keeping the two apart until she gets to know her boyfriend better, and Alyssa Farah Griffin stating it’s a “red flag” if you don’t trust your best friend with your boyfriend.

The self-proclaimed Bravoholic responded to her comment by recalling the Vanderpump Rule’s cheating scandal, in which Tom Sandoval cheated on his long-term girlfriend Ariana Madix with their mutual friend, Raquel Leviss.

“If you have shady friends you cannot trust them around your man. Team Ariana,” Griffin said, to which Goldberg argued, “If you can’t trust your man, you can’t trust your man.”

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