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Elephant vs. Lion at a South African Well Is Comedy Gold

Latest Sightings/Youtube

The wildlife encounter played out like slapstick, with the perfect ending. An elephant and a lion recently engaged in a funny standoff at a South African well before the brave pachyderm gave the punch line.

According to Yahoo News, a lion was resting by the well at the Balule Game Reserve in a video posted by the wildlife portal Newest Sightings when an elephant came, drawing the lion to attention. The elephant began to drink from the well by putting its trunk into it.

And in the wait-for-it-moment, the big beast flicked water at the lion, which skedaddled into the bush.

In footage from an African trail camera posted by Aidan Rademeyer, the elephant let out a hilariously happy roar as it trailed the lion offscreen. The clip ended as the elephant withdrew considerably due to the roar of an unseen lion.

“The lioness and elephant both went about their day, perhaps with a newfound respect for each other,” Latest Sightings wrote.

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