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Jeff Lewis And Gage Edward Finally Settle 2-Year Custody Battle Over Monroe

“I think I wrote my last check to my attorney.”

Star Jeff Lewis and ex-Gage Edward finally settled their custody battle over four-year-old daughter Monroe that only took

It only took 26 months, still “Flipping Out”. On his SiriusXM radio show, Lewis, of course, opened up about the contract Jeff Lewis Live, earlier this week asserting that: “some wonderful news” to share with his cohosts and audiences.

“After 26 months of Gage Edward Fredinburg most of it was contentious, I would say we have settled our custody agreement,” he said. “His lawsuit against me has dropped. My lawsuit against him has been dropped. And then we have agreed to custody.” In June new visitation schedule starting in which Lewis said the two would have a 50/50 split for legal and physical custody of Monroe.

According to Lewis, he thinks that a new schedule would be great for their children. “I have to say, I think I wrote my last check to my attorney,” he then told his cohosts. “I think that was it. I think I’m done.” He continued that it feels “really good” and the two have been “getting along well” while paying time together with Monroe.

“She’s pretty much giddy when we’re together,” he continued: “This is a big relief,” the source told the publication. “He and Jeff are co-parenting very well together, and Gage is looking forward to putting this conflict behind them.”

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