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Prince Harry has ‘secret plan’ behind ‘Spare’ memoir leaked

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Prince Harry reportedly has a few aces up his sleeve in light of the newly released memoir information he’s just crafted into a website.

These claims have been made by royal commentator and author Angela Levin.

Royal biographer and author Angela Levin issued these claims in her interview with The Sun.

She started by telling the outlet, “There’s a plan for almost everything they do. There are words that have a second meaning, dates that have a second meaning.”

“I’m quite sure that there’s a plot there. I’m quite sure it’s a celebration of their third anniversary away from the Royal Family. Everything they do is intentional.”

“I think that they wouldn’t want it to come out just before Christmas because it’s very negative, perhaps. People won’t want to buy it.”

“After Christmas in January, there is sometimes an uplift in people buying books. I think maybe they think: ‘Let us start fresh in January’.”

“I think it would be something Harry would be pleased to have done. Written about himself as he sees himself, and as he sees things that have happened to him. Maybe he feels that would have been cathartic in some way.”

“And if it ties in with them leaving the Royal Family then it can be a double celebration.”

“before concluding he also made it clear, “But then they can’t try and come back. They can’t try and hang on to their titles. It’s so hypocritical. If they want to go away, enjoy yourself. Celebrate every year that you’ve left the Royal Family. Don’t expect to be included in anything.”

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