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Harry and Meghan branded ‘hypocrites’ as ‘cynical move’ over Archie and Lilibet blasted

Harry and Meghan
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A royal critic has called Harry and Meghan “hypocrites” for a choice they made about Archie and Lilibet. The expert appears to indicate they consider the couple’s choice to bestow Archie and Lilibet royal titles was a cynical ploy to stay “relevant”.

The Royal Report on Sky News Australia aired a conversation between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle yesterday, March 19. The topic of conversation was the royal couple’s participation in the approaching coronation and whether or not they would attend.

The commentators on the broadcast also remarked about Archie and Lilibet obtaining new titles – and appeared to refer to this being a cynical ploy from the royal couple to keep “relevant”. Archie and Lilibet’s royal titles were recently declared to have been awarded.

At Lilibet’s baptism in Los Angeles earlier this month, the information was confirmed. A representative for the pair stated, “I can confirm that Princess Lilibet Diana was baptized on Friday, March 3 by the Rev. John Taylor, Archbishop of Los Angeles.

With King Charles’ ascension to the throne, Archie and Lilibet immediately acquired the titles of Prince and Princess. Louise Roberts, a royal authority, offered her assessment of the marriage during a debate on The Royal Report. Harry and Meghan will utilize the coronation as a chance to stay popular as celebrities in the US, according to the royal expert.

harry and meghan
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For the Sussexes, “it’s a simple equation: their worth is their proximity to the royal family,” she asserted.

They’re only relevant if they have currency with the royal family.

She said, “By making sure the kids have titles, they still have that relationship to the institution they hate and despise. She said, “It’s another dose of hypocrisy from them. Then she added, “They’re only important if they have currency with the royal family.

And if that is shattered, she said, the broadcasters, publishers, and other affluent allies they are seeking to retain on their side won’t be around for very long. The Sussexes’ titles may be taken away at other points in Sky News Australia’s Royal Report, which was covered.

Removing the couple’s titles is a “tricky matter,” according to former ITN royal journalist Tim Ewart. To put it gently, “that’s actually quite a tough situation,” he remarked. So it would require a parliamentary act to revoke such titles, he continued.

He said, “The King, the monarch, does not have the power to do so on his own. At a later point in the conversation, he added: “But the process of stripping Harry — again, let’s not forget that he’s fifth in line to the throne — is quite a huge issue.

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