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Video of white students riding around town belting racist slurs into microphone reveals ‘blatant’ racism in California school district

Video of white students riding around town
(Photo: Instagram video screenshot/valleyvids)

Three high school students in California have been disciplined after filming themselves performing the chorus to a racist song that included the N-word. Community leaders urged swift disciplinary action and the abolition of the racial term.

The brief viral video shows white girls from Valencia High School and West Ranch High School driving through a parking lot belting out a song with a nasty vamp, “I don’t like n***as,” into a microphone.

According to The Los Angeles Times, school district officials got aware of the video on or around March 12, and are taking steps to penalize the children as well as address the community’s concern over the discriminatory behavior.

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Superintendent Mike Kuhlman of the district criticized the horrific video, saying his administration will be taking “strong, proactive steps to send the message that this type of blatant racism.”

In a statement to the public, he wrote, “The Hart District will not condone this type of hate speech, and we have taken proactive steps to ensure that it is our intention to promote an equitable, safe, and inclusive environment for all of our students.” The video has been investigated by district officials.

Emails were sent to teachers, school officials, parents, and kids. Some people were also questioned about the stressful video. The video’s social media fingerprint was also reported to local police.

“Disciplinary action has already been taken, and we will follow up to ensure that the individuals involved understand the harmful impact of their actions on other students, on families, on our district, and in our community,” Kuhlman said on Wednesday, March 15. The disparaging video outraged community stakeholders.

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Valerie Bradford, president of the NAACP’s Santa Clarita chapter, addressed the occurrences at a press conference. “Last week, three students thought it prudent to disrespect and inflict lasting pain on an entire group. They chose to film themselves laughing and smiling and singing the N-word and stating that they hate N-word,” Bradford said, according to ABC 7.

She condemned the girls’ behavior, saying that by posting the video on social media “for thousands to see,” they hoped for the hate speech to go viral. “Their actions, of course, spread like wildfire, and the African-American students on the campus once again felt fearful and alone and singled out,” Bradford explained.

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