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Style Icon Gwen Stefani Opens Up On Her Signature Looks From The 90s

Gwen Stefani is gorgeous and strikingly beautiful singer despite she is now 51 years old. Although she is getting old now still her looks inspire other women. In the nineties, she was known for her bold hair colours, cool chains, big prints and signature red lipstick.

Her platinum locks have gone from blue to pink to blonde again. She made her punk pieces more glamorous as the band became more famous before she went all-out girly as a solo pop star.

I didn’t consciously make them ‘looks’ back then,” Gwen Stefani said.

“On tour, I didn’t have a stylist. I had one girl who would knock-off looks for me,” Gwen Stefani added

Stefani said: “She’d make my cargo pants by going downtown and pulling fabrics, sending them to me, stapled to a piece of paper with a number, and then I’d go, ‘I want yellow bondage pants, use that trim’. Then she’d FedEx them to me on tour. So it’s incredible how those outfits have stood the test of time. They are iconic.”

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