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13 days after a hospital photo broke millions of hearts, Shaquille O’Neal addresses his fans

13 days after a hospital photo broke millions of hearts, Shaquille O'Neal addresses his fans
Credit: NY Post

Certain NBA stars are very important to the hoops community. A small woe in their personal lives is enough to irritate the followers. Shaquille O’Neal, a Lakers legend, is one such NBA player who is regarded as a family member by NBA fans.

Things got out of hand for O’Neal’s supporters after a report on his condition went popular on the internet. Though the four-time NBA winner ended up making raunchy remarks about his hospital stay, many supporters still want to hear more from their hero as per Essentially Sports reports.

Shaquille O’Neal’s health has been the talk of the NBA world for the last few days, prompting all sorts of speculation. The NBA legend recently took a moment to address the millions of fans who had prayed for his health.

The March Madness tournament and the intense NBA regular season kept the hoops community active. A photo of Shaquille O’Neal laying in a hospital bed appeared out of nowhere on the internet, causing chaos among NBA fans.

Millions of fans expressed their concern about O’Neal’s well-being. Despite his slow recovery from a major operation, Shaq managed to make everyone laugh by claiming he was in the hospital for a BBL.

Later, the Lakers legend disclosed that he was having hip surgery. In a recent interview on the ‘Fluent and Chill show, the Big Aristotle discussed a variety of NBA and NCAA subjects. One of the hosts mentioned Shaq’s hospitalization and surgery rumors. Shaq was quick to respond with the BBL joke. Moments later, the superstar addressed his fans.

Shaq admitted that he made the BBL joke in the first place to contain the anxiety of his diehard fans. “We had some time off and I had to get this hip surgery. But right, all the people that were concerned, thank you. But I am doing fine,” said Shaquille O’Neal, addressing his heartbroken fans.

The supporters of Big Aristotle have had a difficult time lately. Following Shaq’s hip surgery, supporters have been waiting for any updates on the legend. The celebrity went to Instagram to share a video of himself walking with crutches inside a gym.

Though it is a positive indication that the former NBA champion is on his feet again, seeing Shaq use crutches upsets many of his fans. Some lauded the legend’s efforts and wished him luck in his recovery.

Shaq has now addressed the supporters on a joyful note, adding to the pool of myriad feelings. They will now anticipate that their pleasure will last longer.

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