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Ellen DeGeneres’ Home A ‘War Zone,’ Taking Frustration Out On Portia De Rossi?

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi have been together for over a decade, but this may be the most trying time in their relationship. According to one magazine, their home life has turned to nothing but fights and secrets, and it can only get worse.

New Idea says that “things have hit crisis point” for DeGeneres and de Rossi under the headline, “Ellen’s Heartache: It’s Over!” Pointing to the previous reports about the couple that said that DeGeneres had secretly bought herself another home without the knowledge of her wife, the outlet’s anonymous insider explains that the relationship might not hold for much longer.

While “Hollywood is ablaze with rumors” that her show is on the cusp of being canceled, the couple’s home is now “a war zone” with de Rossi taking the brunt of DeGeneres’ frustrations. “Portia’s getting the worst of it,” the source says. “Nothing she does is right. They’ve not agreed on any big decisions all year, including Portia being offered her own online cooking show and Ellen refusing.”

“Now it looks like Ellen’s show’s done and she’s planning three new shows and completely keeping [Portia] in the dark,” the insider continues. “She doesn’t know what’s going on with the old show, the new shows, the house, not a thing — and especially not what’s going on in Ellen’s head.” The recent drama hasn’t just affected her career and mood, the tipster concludes, saying,

She’s aged 10 years this year. She’s really taken a beating over all those ‘mean’ stories, and the huge backlash online has completely hit her hard.

This story makes a lot of sense at first glance — work stresses tend to leak over into one’s home life if they’re great enough, and DeGeneres has had an extremely rough go of it. However, nearly all of the details are based on untraceable hearsay and previous tabloid reporting.

For example, Gossip Cop already investigated and debunked the rumor about DeGeneres nixing de Rossi’s non-existent cooking show. Funnily enough, that narrative seems to be purely inspired by the fact that DeGeneres was the one who filmed and promoted her wife’s cooking on her Instagram.

And despite the outlet’s insistence that DeGeneres is pushing her wife out of the spotlight and doesn’t know what’s happening with her own career, reality proves the opposite. As we pointed out in our recent investigation of another tabloid report that said the comedian was moving out of her shared home, the two were just filming a new show starring de Rossi — so much for DeGeneres keeping her wife “in the dark.”

Ellen DeGeneres’ real estate moves are another frequent topic in the gossip pages, and those stories seem to have about as much insight into the comedian’s personal life as they do about de Rossi’s cooking show.

Nearly every tabloid has speculated about the end or cancellation of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and New Idea has been publishing stories about the show and DeGeneres’ marriage ending for months now. In reality, the couple seems to be on the exact same page.

They just dropped nearly $50 million on a new mansion together, and as we pointed out earlier, they’re filming a show together. Generally, warzones don’t pause for shared investments and work, so we don’t buy New Idea‘s report whatsoever.

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