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Kate Middleton Is Allegedly Upset with Prince William’s ‘Spare’ Response

Kate Middleton

In his book Spare, Prince Harry was frank about Kate Middleton, disclosing the turbulence surrounding the royal wedding, her secret text discussions with Meghan Markle, and even friction overā€¦lipgloss. Following the royals’ long-standing habit of “never complaining, never explaining,” the Prince and Princess of Wales have said absolutely nothing about the book yet. Nonetheless, it seems like Kate hopes Wills would whine just a little bit.

Kate has reportedly been “increasingly unhappy” that William hasn’t “snapped back” at Harry for disclosing their interpersonal conflict, according to OK!, via Marie Claire.

According to a source who should be regarded with a large grain of salt, Kate believed William should defend her more, according to tabloid. Yet, William and the Palace believed that keeping quiet was preferable.

All of this “intrigue” comes after a second unidentified source told Us Weekly that Kate was furious about Spare.
She believed that Harry’s actions were particularly “atrocious” and that she was “appalled at him for dragging her reputation through the mud and is finding it hard to forgive.”

According to a source who spoke to the publication, Kate and Prince William are now confiding in one other since they are both “extremely angry at Harry’s comments,” which “struck them very hard.”

Nonetheless, here we are! Another source told Us Weekly that Buckingham Palace “does not enjoy” the fact that Harry included Kate’s messages and that it was “egregious” of him to publish these condensed snippets. They claim it’s simply part of the tale.

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