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The Queen laughs during video call as fans gush over engagement

The Queen has spoken in public for the first time following the death of her husband Prince Philip.

Her Majesty, 95, spoke to lifesavers and researchers from the Royal Life Saving Society via video call last week.

The Queen discussed memories of achieving a Life Saving Award in 1941, when she was 14.

The Queen said of the award: “Well, of course, it was all done in the bath tub, in the swimming pool.

“I suppose I didn’t really quite realise what I was doing because I must have been 12 or something… or 14.

“It was a very long time ago I’m afraid.”

Smiling, she added: “I think it’s changed a lot.”

When she was told it was 80 years ago, the Queen laughed as she said: “Terrible!”

So lovely to hear HM. Thank you for your hard work and your dedication.

She was then told she was the first holder of the award.

The monarch replied: “I didn’t realise I was the first. I just did it and had to work very hard for it.

“But it was a great achievement and I was very proud to have the badge on the front of my swimming suit.”

Fans were left gushing over the Queen as one person said: “Glad to see Her Majesty smiling.”

Another wrote: “So lovely to hear HM. Thank you for your hard work and your dedication.”

A third commented: “I am loving Zoom chats with The Queen. She is just perfect.”

It comes weeks after the Duke of Edinburgh’s death on April 9.

His funeral took place on April 17 at St George’s Chapel, with 30 guests in attendance due to COVID-19 rules.

Days later, the Queen marked her 95th birthday on April 21 and shared a message with fans.

She said: “While as a family we are in a period of great sadness, it has been a comfort to us all to see and to hear the tributes paid to my husband, from those within the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth and around the world.

“My family and I would like to thank you all for the support and kindness shown to us in recent days.”

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