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Top 10 Celebrity Wedding Dresses of all Time

Celebrity Wedding Gowns

Wedding is the most memorable and special day in a girl’s life and if that girl comes out to be a celebrity, then you can easily imagine the magnificence of the wedding function. Celebrity fashion style has always been an inspiration for women. However, celebrity wedding dresses simply symbolizes the beauty of the day, by its glamor and radiance. Let’s have a look at the most spectacular top ten celebrity wedding dresses of all the time:

1. Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani Wedding Gown

Gwen Stefani pink watercolor wedding dress was totally unconventional. The celebrity fashion style was highly unique, one-of-a-kind Christian Dior gown. The rose-pink and white asymmetrical gown, ended with a bright pink gradient on its skirts was symbolizing freshness and sparkle. Gwen Stefani’s rose pink color truly reflects modern generation’s girlie and fizzy looks.

2. Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly Wedding Gown

The wedding dress of Grace Kelly is considered as one of the most elegant and best remembered bridal gowns of all the time. The beauty of celebrity wedding dress was due to its intricate lace applique bodice and sleeves. The gown was a high-waist, full-skirted silhouette, with a long dramatic train. Her wedding gown has truly inspired women of all the times. Even today, women take ideas of traditional creativity and style from Grace wedding attire.

3. Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor Wedding Gown

Elizabeth’s wedding dress was one of the most spectacular wedding attire of earlier times. The celebrity fashion style was white satin gown, embroidered with pearls and beads. The neckline was covered with a chiffon overlay. A bouquet of white orchids further enhanced the beauty and glamorous looks of her wedding attire.

4. Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton Wedding Gown

Another glamorous celebrity wedding dress was of Chelsea Clinton. She wore a breathtaking strapless, silk organza ivory gown, with a glittering embellished belt, and a silk tulle diagonally draped bodice with a raw edged laser-cut swirling silk organza ball skirt and train. Her hair was pulled back and highlighted by a long traditional Vera Wang tulle veil. Chelsea complemented her gorgeous gown with a simple bouquet of white hydrangeas. She looked completely ravishing.

5. Jacqueline Kennedy

Jacqueline Kennedy Wedding Dress

Jacqueline’s wedding dress was very voluminous, having off-the-shoulder look, and was constructed out of 50 yards of ivory silk taffeta. The celebrity fashion style was completed with a wide portrait neckline, highly embellished skirt, and an heirloom lace veil, which originally belonged to her grandmother. Jacqueline looked completely stunning in her modish and classy wedding attire.

6. Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton Wedding Gown

Another significant celebrity wedding dress was of Kate Middleton. It had a handmade lace applique bodice, having detailing, thistles, daffodils and shamrocks. Wedding gown was made up of ivory and white satin, with a long skirt forming a Victorian style semi-bustle at the back, and finishing in a short train.

7. Portia de Rossi

Portia de Rossi Wedding Dress

Portia’s had one of the most beautiful wedding events. Celebrity fashion style was a ballerina style wedding gown, with romantic flair to enhance the essence of her womanhood. Dusty pink in color, the gown was a backless halter, with an ivory bodice. The skirt had a ribbon joining the bodice and skirt.

8. Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump Wedding Dress

A beautiful celebrity wedding dress was of Ivanka Trump. The dress was extremely intricate, with three different tiers of hand-appliqued lace at the bottom of the skirt,with each having different shades of ivory. She looked stunning in her white fairy, heavily layered laced gown.

9. Katie Holmes

Kate Middleton Wedding Gown

Katie Holmes wedding dress was highly diaphanous and delicate, with white lace off-the-shoulder dress. The celebrity fashion style was a hazy and floating,slim-silhouetted Armani gown.It was beaded all-over with Swarovski crystals, and trimmed with tulle and lace.

10. Kate Moss

Kate Middleton Wedding Gown

Model Kate Moss wore an eye-catching vintage ensemble. The celebrity wedding dress head piece was intricately embellished, made from luxuriously woven lace and sequins. The wedding gown was lightly sequenced. Overall, the wedding gown was greatly enhancing the sex appeal of the model, due to its see through texture.

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