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Kate Middleton

According to the various media surveys, polls by magazines and discussions by focus groups, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge has been fond out to be the top ranked beauty icon in 2011. The popularity of Kate Middleton amongst the masses is so much that even in 2012, she continues to maintain her position at number 1 in the list of most popular beauty icons of the world.

The natural charm, debonair and aura of Kate Middleton is what makes people go crazy about her. Moreover, her fairytale marriage and affair with the crown prince of Britain is something which made her even popular. As a beauty icon, Kate Middleton has chosen her independence and has beautifully expressed her style in distinctive ways. Kate Middleton is not merely a beauty icon who stands out in a regular crowd but she is the one who has brought a wave of change and freshness in the typical dress up and makeover style done by the princesses and more specifically, the British royals.

One of the most appealing things about Kate Middleton as the current top beauty icon is that she has not created a look that is something over the top or unachievable for her, rather; Kate Middleton has maintained a girl next door look in her daily life and a very minimalistic look for her formal appearances. This projects her natural beauty, glows in her eyes and sparkles in her smile in the most impressive ways and makes Kate Middleton stand out as the ultimate beauty icon.

The golden brown hair with slight locks, light eyes, a smile with a dimple and an ever cheerful yet contained nature of Kate Middleton adds more to her irresistible appeal as a beauty icon. Moreover, Kate Middleton rightly knows how to balance out herself with every look that she carries. May it be a classy gown or a pair of regular jeans, Kate Middleton knows how to be proportionate in fashion choices that simply suit you and make you look even more desirable.

Indeed the persona of Kate Middleton speaks for her and she certainly proves that beauty is depicted the best when flaunted in the most natural ways.

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