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Apologies that will Save your Relationship

Understanding is the prime requirement for any relationship and to save your relationship confidence building measures must be taken by the life partners. It has been a law of nature that whenever two or more persons living together, there will be a great chance of misunderstandings. Saying sorry and accepting one’s mistake can play an important role to save your relationship. There are numbers of ways to say sorry or admitting one’s mistake for the sake of relationship. To save your relationship should be the prime objective of the couple. Let us help you to tell number of ways to say sorry to your partner and to save your relationship so that you can enjoy your life in a best possible manner.

Famous Karen Thompson Walker, a very famous writer, in her novel the age of miracles helped thousands of couple by revealing the kind of the most difficult maxim “I am Sorry” that can save your relationship and would tell you ways to say sorry.

1. A happy occasion should be your reference:

Don’t hesitate to say sorry after making mistake because it is very necessary to save your relationship. Try to remind your spouse about your mistake by making reference to a happy occasion. Among many ways to say sorry, this one is very effective and very practical. When your are sharing joyful moments then remind him about the mistake and say sorry for that. This would make your spouse realize that you are making an effort to save your relationship. This would give him a healthy feeling. To save your relationship should be like saving your life. Normally, Christmas, marriage ceremony, birthday occasions and parties should be made reference time to save your relationship.

2. Don’t be egoistic:

There are number of ways to say sorry. All of them demand that there should be no ego in the partner who has to apologize. Ask your spouse that you were shy to tell you about the mistake you had made in the past. Let him know that you are doing all this to save your relationship and to enjoy the life together. Among all of the prescribed ways to say sorry, the easiest one is to ignore your ego. Admit your mistake in front of your spouse and let him know that how much you love him and your prefer his love over your ego.

3. Be expressive:

Be expressive to save your relationship. You should make your spouse realize that what you are admitting you are admitting it by heart and would take care for that in future. Ways to say sorry to save your relationship demand your expression of thoughts and your feelings. Just let him know that you were in different state of mind at the time of mistake and couldn’t make better decision. Just tell him that your realized your error and now to save your relationship and to strengthen it your are admitting and feeling sorry for that mistake which would not be repeated in the future. Your true and loving expression would be the ultimate tool to save your relationship.

4. Be kind and loving by telling him about your lavish spending:

Just don’t hesitate to tell your spouse that you are sorry for the extra spending because it can save your relationship. Tell your spouse that you know how difficult it is to earn money for the family and you are sorry because you spent lavishly in shopping and groceries. Save your relationship by admitting your mistakes in managing household affairs and income. Your three word; I am sorry, would be more than enough to save your relationship.

5. Be truthful while telling him your thoughts about the relationship:

Although there are many ways to say sorry yet the most difficult one is to admit your evil thoughts about the relationship. To save your relationship you must be courageous enough to admit that once you had thought evil of him due to your quarrel in home. Believe me, by saying sorry for that you will earn respect in his heart which is vital to save your relationship. Tell him that you’ve always dreamed most often of losing whatever you hold most dear.

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