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The Real Reason Britney Spears Fans Are Freaking Out About Her Latest Post

Britney Spears’ Instagram upload on April 22 has her fans in an absolute frenzy! The pop star had some fun with a statue during a recent outing, and she posted a series of silly photos that she took with it. “So, me and this cowboy go way back,” Spears captioned the post.

“He had a farming job down south and I met him 6 years ago through my cousin. He always told me I was a hard one … but always remember … easy does it!!! He even was wearing the same cowboy hat he wore when I first met him,” she added, joking around.

Spears was wearing a pair of khaki shorts and a burgundy-colored, long-sleeved top. She finished off her outfit with what looked like a pair of Birkenstocks and some sunglasses. In the first photo, Spears planted a kiss on the statue’s cheek.

In the second pic, she sat on the statue’s lap and kicked her legs out. For the third snap, the singer stood behind the statue, putting one arm around its neck and the other up in the air. However, there’s one thing in particular about these pics that has fans freaking out. Keep reading to find out what that is.

The one thing that several Britney Spears fans noticed about the Instagram photos that she posted on April 22 is that the pics were taken outside — in public. Fans were thrilled to see Spears out and about, not cooped up in her house — or on the grounds of her house — where almost of her photos and videos are taken — and many couldn’t help but comment things like “she’s outside!” It has long been believed that Spears isn’t allowed to leave her house unless she has permission from her conservators.

This was reported by a Free Britney website that was created back in 2009, according to Harper’s Bazaar. “Her conservators decide whether or not she works, as she cannot enter into contracts for herself because she is legally not her own person. Britney Spears needs permission from her conservators to leave her house or spend any of her own money,” the site reads.

Some people believe that Spears doesn’t go out in public too often because of the paparazzi attention that she receives. Regardless of the reasoning behind her infrequent public outings, however, fans were thrilled to see her having a good time and being her goofy self, which is one of the reasons people love her so much.

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