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Newsmax Host: Fox News Has Turned On Trump and is Working With America’s Enemies

Is Donald Trump worst President

Newsmax, desperate to make up ground on Fox News, is now accusing their competitor of being in cahoots with China.

It feels like OAN and Newsmax were really going to give Fox a run for it’s money. Newsmax is the Donald Trump’s more extreme supporters. And Trump paid them back through promoting them via Twitter and giving exclusive interviews to the anchors.

Now he is not a president anymore, but he is still favors Fox. He often calls into their shows and just gave Sean Hannity his first live post-presidential interview. Yet, Newsmax’s Grant Sinchfield says Fox has turned their backs on Trump and is conspiring with China.

The host made the claims due to the firing of controversial newsman Lou Dobbs. “I have come to the conclusion Fox News no longer supports President Trump’s America first principles, which is why they couldn’t stand Lou Dobbs on their air.”

Stinchfield continued:

“Did you know Fox News helped China’s leading state broadcaster build its website years ago? Rupert Murdoch’s third wife is a mainland Chinese. She was well-known for managing elite connections in China, between the Murdochs and Chinese government officials. In 2018, the Murdochs’ own Wall Street Journal raised the question, could she be a Chinese spy? And it is well known the Murdochs have spent decades trying to capitalize off the Chinese media market. Maybe, this is why Fox News could not tolerate Lou Dobbs doing this.”

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