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Fans fear Britney Spears ‘doesn’t look well’ in latest video


Some fans are concerned that Britney Spears ‘doesn’t look well’ in her latest video. The ‘Toxic’ singer was dancing away to JLO’s ‘Booty’ featuring Iggy Azalea and has divided the opinion of viewers with her moves.

As usual, one of her latest Instagram posts hasn’t gone down well with some who are dubbing the singer as ‘painful to watch’. With a big smile on her face, the 41-year-old is shaking her butt to one of Jennifer Lopez’ songs and seems to be having a whale of a time.

Dressed in very short shorts and a crop top with ‘LOVE’ written on it, she’s seemingly dancing away without a care in the world. However, some viewers took the video in a totally different way, with one person tweeting: “She does not look well.”

Another added: “Doesn’t even look like Britney.” Someone else thought: “Britney this is the lowest you have been what’s happening.” While a fourth fan said: “Ugh it’s painful to watch.”

One fan disagreed and replied: “It’s not at all. It’s beautiful watching her become more comfortable and at home in her own body. If it’s painful for you maybe ya should f**ken scroll rather than engage so you’ll (try to) see less of her?”

“I never know what she’s doing but she’s having fun and I’m here for it,” a second fan wrote.

Another person pointed out: “It’s so weird Britney gets bullied for dancing around in her house/room as if everyone else doesn’t do that. “You guys are as bad as her family sometimes.” Someone else added: “All I need to know is that she’s okay and having fun. And she looks amazing.”

This isn’t the first time fans have been concerned with the star, as just last month, Spears’ fans were left wondering after she posted a video of herself in the shower on Instagram.

Captioning the first shower selfie post, she wrote: “Instagram doesn’t like posts of people revealing their bodies anymore so here’s a selfie of me in Mexico !!! Mom and Dad … I crossed the border and I made it !!! After no coffee for 15 years … Mom we can go have coffee together now !!! I’m treated as an equal … let’s have coffee and talk about it !!!”

In a follow-up post, Spears uploaded a video of herself in the shower, posing for the camera as the water falls onto her – the shot just of her shoulders upwards.

The caption reads: “I’m posting these from Mexico !!!! Honestly, I have no idea why but I can see better !!!! I was in the shower for two hours but we can’t reveal our bodies now !!!

“There’s something about shooting in the water !!! I wanted to see my eyes !!!”

One Twitter user wrote: “Is anyone else worried about Britney Spears? Her Instagram comments are off now because people kept commenting that they don’t think she’s safe and that it’s really her posting. And her posts have been so bizarre. I hope she’s okay though.”

“Umm.. whoever is handling #BritneySpears Instagram disabled comments. Now I am even more worried for her!” another said.

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