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Huge reaction as an Australian wears the same outfit in four separate clothing store mirrors – with very different effects

Credit: Bree Lenehan

Nothing is more irritating than trying on a beautiful dress in a fitting room just to find out it is unflattering. However, Bree Lenehan from Queensland shared a series of photos showing how the lighting and mirrors in the changing rooms made her figure seem completely different in each one.

As per Daily Mail, The 25-year-old shot photos of herself wearing the same teal dress at four different clothing stores to “prove” how fitting rooms varied from one another. “A ‘bad body image day’ can be triggered by many things,” Bree said in an Instagram post.

“Sometimes it’s seeing yourself in the mirror, sometimes it’s sizing up or down in clothes, sometimes it’s comparing yourself to others… Just to name a few. “But a lot of the time, what you see doesn’t reflect the reality of the situation. Whether that’s in the mirror, trying on clothes, or seeing photos online.”

The photos are striking, with some showing bright overhead lighting casting unflattering shadows on her, emphasizing the “lumps and bumps” on her body. “Lighting, angles, poses, different lenses and mirrors can change the way we look – especially in fitting rooms,” she said.

“Some stores use mirror manipulation or softer lighting to hide lumps and bumps. Some stores use wide mirrors or harsh lighting which cast shadows over your body and exaggerate every feature. “But in case you were wondering, there is nothing wrong with having lumps and bumps.”

The body-positive advocate said she wants to remind everyone to be “kind to yourself”. “We are all our own harshest critics,” she said. “You are not your size. You are not your appearance. There is so much more to you than that.

“Remember, a bad body image moment doesn’t have to turn into a bad body image day. “Acknowledge the way you’re speaking to yourself, take a deep breath, and consciously try to switch to more gentle thoughts.

“Please be kinder to yourself, at all times, because you never know what external (or internal) factors are at play… “Your body and appearance really are the least interesting thing about you.”

Credit: Bree Lenehan

She added: “You’ve only ever seen yourself in the mirror or in photos, so you will never actually see your true beauty.” Bree also found that “sizing differs” among people. “I size up and down depending on the store or fit,” she said. “PS. Sizing up or down depending on the way your body changes over time is perfectly okay too.”

Her post received over 59,000 “likes,” with many complimenting Bree for showing how “clever” lighting and appealing mirrors can make a significant difference to a woman’s figure in the changing rooms. “This is so true. Well done on making a huge impact on people’s lives… We need more people like you,” one woman said.

Another suggested: “Can downlights be illegal? They really ruin my self-esteem. I honestly think shops would make so many more sales with the right lights.” One pointed out: “I’m always shocked they don’t have amazing lighting as it would make you want to buy the clothes more.”

Another said: “Thanks so much for this. I was in the fitting room trying on a dress, finding all these reasons not to buy it because of small things that nobody but me will ever notice. “Then I just decided to buy it because I realized it made zero sense. So happy I did.”

One added: “Felt so good to see this after having a triggering shopping day!” While another wrote: “Wow thank you for posting this and being so raw! It’s a good reminder, especially that not all the Instagram photos are real life and I shouldn’t be comparing myself to them.”

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