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King Charles Took Secret Trips With Camilla, Queen Consort, For This Bombshell Reason

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The day of the coronation of King Charles III is rapidly approaching, and the whole world is focused on England and the epic pageantry that will be put on display.

The media is also working overtime to better understand the monarchy and the Royal Family. Some stories shed a positive light on the royals, while others revealed embarrassing tales that Prince Harry likely forgot to mention in his bestselling book Spare.

This week, Camilla, Queen Consort, has been hit with a rather embarrassing accusation as she prepares for the biggest day of her life.

According to a new documentary released on British television, before becoming Queen CamillaCamilla Parker Bowles had a steamy affair with then-Prince Charles, who is now King Charles.

At the time, King Charles was married to Princess Diana. The documentary My King Charles revealed that Queen Camilla was very resourceful when sneaking around with the future King of England.

Via Daily Mail, the program claimed that The Queen often traveled in a private jet for her secret and forbidden rendezvous with King Charles when he was on official foreign visits representing Queen Elizabeth II.

The bombshell revelation about the risky trips was made by Squadron Leader Graham Laurie, who was King Charles’s former personal pilot.

He said this about the illicit and sinful meeting: “They were getting together overseas, but the Press didn’t cotton on.”

He added: “As regards Camilla, I didn’t ever fly her, but we did see her involvement in certain trips when we went abroad. There would be a civilian charter aircraft on the tarmac before we got there, and it was still there when we left. I found out afterward. Actually, Camilla had flown in and out on that aircraft.”

In January, Prince Harry dropped his memoir, Spare, where he obliterated Queen Camilla for ruining his parents’ marriage and his childhood. The Duke of Sussex also bashed Queen Camilla for hurting his mother with the affair.

Sources close to King Charles’s wife claim that Queen Camilla is very upset by Prince Harry’s revelations and will not forgive him.

True Royalty TV co-founder and royal expert Nick Bullen, who has worked with King Charles and Queen Camilla on multiple documentaries, revealed: “I know from various people who are close to her [that] she was pretty furious with what was being said about her. But she is not someone that is going to be phoning Harry or [his wife] Meghan [Markle] and shouting down on the phone at them.”

He added: “She just moves on. I don’t think she’s necessarily going to forgive, and I don’t think she’s necessarily going to forget. But it is not something that she dwells on, I’m told. She plays a much longer game, and she plays with a much straighter bat. She was, I’m told, annoyed by what was said but moved on pretty quickly from what was said.”

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