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Ben Affleck Makes A Cuddly Cameo In Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Marry Me’ Music Video; Is This A Hint To Their Wedding?

Jennifer Lopez Starting Fiancé Ben Afflec
Jennifer Lopez Starting Fiancé Ben Afflec (Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck might be acting in some lovely love stories, but they are also the few of the lucky ones to be living in one too. The couple has had a trajectory good enough to turn into a classic Hollywood love story.

Their separation and reunion post 2 decades is enough fodder for a film. But wait, Ben has one more chapter to add as he has just appeared in one of his lady love’s music videos and we are having a 2002 Déjà vu already!

Before you get any more confused, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez who last year reconciled after 20 years of separation are now pedaling as they did in their golden days 2 decades ago. Remember Ben polling out of nowhere in the ‘Jenny From the Block’ music video and how everyone went gaga over It?

Well, he has done it again and made a very cuddly cameo on the ballad version of JLo‘s song “Marry Me” with Maluma. In the music video, you can see him in two instances. Below is everything you should know about the same.

For the unversed, Marry Me Ballad Version is a version of the song from Jennifer Lopez’s latest film by the same name. The music video features the singer-actor recalling some beautiful moments from her love life and they include a faceless figure who playfully cuddles with the star. It is none other than Ben Affleck.

JLo herself confirmed it to be him when she shared a fan compilation of the video and in the caption added, “#BenAffleck #Bennifer #truelove.” The second instance is when Jennifer Lopez begins the music video and on the piano, a nice framed picture of Ben Affleck is placed. Catch the glimpses below and also the complete music video.

However, in his most recent chat as per Hollywood Life, the actor decided to call his reunion with Jennifer Lopez a ‘great story. If that wasn’t enough, Ben Affleck even jokes he might just write it all down one day. “I can say that it’s definitely beautiful to me. And, you know, one of the things I really value across all facets of my life now is that it was handled in a way that reflected that,” he said.

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