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Amanda Bynes getting ‘higher level of care’ in new facility amid ongoing struggles

Amanda Bynes
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Following her discharge from a previous facility last week, Amanda Bynes has reportedly been admitted to a new institution where she is receiving more suitable care. Sources informed TMZ that the former Nickelodeon star, who was struggling with her mental health, was not comfortable living on her own, prompting her to voluntarily check herself into a facility for the third time.

Back in March, Bynes was subjected to a 72-hour psychiatric hold and mental health assessment after reportedly being seen walking around downtown Los Angeles without clothes. Interestingly, it was the actress herself who sought assistance from passersby.

In late June, she was admitted under a psychiatric hold for the second time this year, again reaching out for help due to her distressed state.

The 37-year-old actress, who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and has a history of substance abuse, is believed to have not taken her medication before being placed under a psychiatric hold.

Subsequently, the Hairspray actress participated in an outpatient program that allowed her to undergo treatment while residing at home. However, sources indicate she wasn’t satisfied with this arrangement and decided to admit herself to a new mental health facility voluntarily.

According to insiders, Bynes expressed the need for a “therapeutic living environment” rather than staying alone in her Los Angeles apartment. She reportedly felt she required more assistance than the outpatient treatment could offer.

Bynes, who is now in a center in Orange County, is said to be receiving a higher level of care compared to her previous outpatient treatment. She’s in residential treatment, receiving round-the-clock care, and participating in daily therapy sessions and activities designed to equip her with the necessary skills once she leaves the center.

In October 2022, Bynes enrolled in a cosmetology school with the goal of becoming a manicurist. Her plans to pursue this career path following her treatment remain uncertain at this time.

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