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Unusual Girls Brawl Erupts at Morgan Wallen Concert… In a Port-a-Potty

Girls Brawl In A Port-A-Potty At Morgan Wallen Concert

During Morgan Wallen’s “One Night At A Time” world tour in Pittsburgh’s PNC Park, attendees expected a thrilling performance. However, some got more than they bargained for even before Wallen hit the stage.

In an unexpected twist, a video surfaced showing a heated brawl between two women directly outside a port-a-potty. As one tried to escape the chaos, the fight surprisingly expanded inside the temporary restroom, making it the least ideal location for a scuffle.

Suddenly, a third woman emerged from a neighboring port-a-potty, diving headfirst into the melee. Pulling two of the initial fighters out by their hair, she shifted her focus to a peacekeeper, attempting to shut her inside the restroom. Another participant intervened, yanking her out and onto the ground.

The video clip doesn’t reveal the brawl’s origin, and in the midst of the chaos, no security personnel were in sight. The aftermath remains a mystery; did the involved parties get ejected, or did they proceed to enjoy the concert after their unsavory restroom rumble?

One might be tempted to joke about the influence of liquor on the situation, but some tales speak for themselves.

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