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Royal blunder blocks Prince Charles’ ascension to the throne after Queen Elizabeth’s reign

Prince Charles’s ascension to the throne is in danger as may believe the heir to the British monarchy is rather outdated.

According to royal expert Clive Irving, the Prince of Wales doesn’t strike as a promising King and will pose great threat to the crown.

“In some way Charles looks older than the Queen — he’s a man more suited to the 18th Century than the 21st,” he said.

Irving even alleged that Charles had chosen to look more “like a younger brother of the Queen rather than a son.”

“I think there’s a really real risk that if Charles does succeed her that the monarchy will go over a cliff very fast. This question of the survival of the monarchy hasn’t really arisen since the time of [Edward VIII’s] abdication, but it will come up as a real smack in the face,” the royal expert added.

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