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Winter Skin Care Tips for Dry Skin

Winter Dry Skin Care

Dry Skin Care

Though winters have many incentives but can also bring many uncomfortable to ones dry skin and produce a fry feeling to the hands, face, feet and overall body. Winter itching is very irritating and is mostly prevalent in winter season. The dry lips face, feet and body requires some smoothness and moisturizing during winter season. The frozen winds deplete the upper layer of skin from one’s body and leads to dry skin in order to keep it smooth and glowing one can follow as many tips to resolve the problem.

Make Use of Oils

The 1st dry skin care tip is to make use of olive oil. Olive oil acts as a multitasker. When one skin is parched then moisturizing through olive oil. Applying oil on elbows, knees, hands and overall body can make it soft and smooth. Not all the oils produce softness right choice of oils in indeed always select avocado oil, almond oil, Shea oil, egg oil, mineral oil, lavender oil and vegetable oil.

Home Made Scrubs/Masks

The 2nd dry skin care tip is the application of homemade masks. The Homemade masks are beneficial in summers and winters both seasons bring different level of freshness and glow to skin. Well always scrutinize which ingredient to apply on skin as each person has different level of reactivity and sensitivity to ones skin. Multani meti, turmeric, massed banana, milk cream, tomato puree, honey, rose water, Aloe vera, lemon drops, glycerine all act as a protective, glowing and skin tightening agent on skin,

Use of Moisturizing Soaps, Lotions, Body Wash, Body Oils

The 3rd dry skin care tip tells how to prevent from itchy and dry skin in winters. Making use of soaps which contains the coco butter, milk extracts, olive oil and vitamins which acts as a cleansing agent on ones skin. Well the anti bacterial protection contains strong chemicals and alcohols which results in more rough skin. Use of body oils at least half an hour before the hot bath helps in smooth body as the lotions contains the oils, gels, vitamin E, coconut oil, honey, milk, coco butter, polysorbate, pathenol, hydroxypropyl and many more. Such lotions and body washes give skin softness and helps in shedding the dead skin. Other than the cold creams the day care moisturizers can also be applied on dry skin areas.

Go For the More Natural Remedy: Water, Fruits, Milk, and Vegetables

The 4rth dry skin care tip suggests that in order to have a glowing skin try to eat lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and one can even include olive oil in cooking meals. Whereas fresh cream and milk, lemon, milk cream, walnuts/almonds yogurts, apples and fresh juices can do wonders with ones skin. Blueberries, fresh potatoes, pumpkin, milk and fresh juices can be added in daily diet.  Drink as much as water as you can to make your shine in a glowing way. Because what we eat is processed in our bodies and helps to generate boy cells and makes the muscles and organs stronger and make a skin wrinkle free and appeal more nourished.

Place Humidifiers in Homes/Offices

The 5th dry skin care tip tells the importance of Humidifiers which help absorb the moisture in ones skin. It helps to prevent from dry skin in winters because these heating systems helps the skin from drying out but a close contact with then can turn out to be hazardous. Even the plants can play a role in reciprocating the moisture into the air and act as an alternative for the humidifier.

Applying Appropriate Makeup

The 6th dry skin care tip is for females who are fond of applying lip glosses needs not to worry as the liquid makes the lips wet and the feeling of dryness is less likely to felt. We have an advice for the lipstick lovers to apply Vaseline on their lipsticks for a smooth and shiny lips plus it will protect your lips from drying even males can also make use of the lip balm to protect from dryness,

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