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10 Seemingly True Skin Myths – Analysis in Dermatology

Skin Myths

Skin care

Skin care requires a medical knowledge which most of us lack in. Sometimes we follow the skin myths told by our friends who themselves don’t have a dermatology grounded knowledge and sometimes we trust the slogans of skin care product manufacturers who promote the wrong skin care concepts just for their marketing concerns.

Lets find out a few such skin myths that appear to be true but should never be relied on while managing skin care. we will analyse what dermatology says about them.

Tanning Is No Harm

Tanning caused by direct exposure to ultraviolet light, UVA or UVB, accounts for 90% of the symptoms of premature aging. Both UVA and UVB radiations can cause skin damage including wrinkles, lowered immunity against infection, skin disorders, and cancer. Hence dermatology doesn’t recommend frequent exposure to sun radiations when comes to skin care. Tanning though adds up to the attraction yet can be harmful if involves excessive exposure to UVA or UVB.

Acne Form as a Result of What You Eat

According to dermatology, acne is caused by over production of sebum (oil) and obstruction of the skin pores. The amount of oil produced by the skin is regulated by hormones only, not food. To be more precise, you don’t have to be conscious about avoiding chocolate, greasy food, soda, and fast foods for your skin care. There can be other reasons for avoiding them but not skin care. These foods do not have any effect on the hormones that regulate sebum production.

Dermatologists can Diagnose Any Skin Condition

There are several skin disorders that have a similar appearance or skin rash but have different reasons and require to be treated differently. Dermatologists are human beings and human diagnosis can’t be 100% accurate. When comes to skin care, one can’t always rely on dermatologist’s diagnosis. Certain dermatology relevant concerns get settled by hit and trial method, even by dermatologists.

Topical Antioxidants Reverse Wrinkles

Free radicals play an important role in creating wrinkles. Therefore, according to dermatology it makes sense that antioxidants might make skin more youthful by reversing wrinkles. Yet, unfortunately, there are no good scientific studies that show what type of topical antioxidant is effective. New researches keep popping regarding topical antioxidants for skin care.

“Natural” or “Herbal” Skin Care Products are The Best

A skin care product that is made from a plant doesn’t necessarily to be better than a product made in lab. There is nothing as “All Natural”. Herbal skin care products include synthetic ingredients as well. One should not trust what cosmetic brands say about their skin care products, rather you should go for the products that are safe according to dermatology.

You Can’t Get Herpes From A Person Who Doesn’t Have a Rash

Dermatology says Viral shedding can occur before a rash develops, making it possible to be infected after contact with normal appearing skin.

Dry Skin Causes Wrinkles

Wrinkles can be an outcome of several reasons as the skin ages. The microscopic changes in skin with the age factor are distinct and inevitable. Wrinkled skin looks better when it is moisturized but there is no evidence that moisturizer has any effect on the microscopic skin damage caused by aging. To be more precise, moisturizers are not a long term remedy for wrinkles or skin aging when talk of skin care according to dermatology!!!

Expensive Skin Care Products Are Better Than the Cheaper Ones

Price meter doesn’t guarantee effectiveness or no side effects when it comes to buy a skin care product. Most of the brand names boast to have added any special x ingredient in their product but actually it is to convince the customers. It has nothing to do with dermatology or actual skin care.

Skin Disorders Can be Recovered Over Night

Most of the skin conditions and their dermatology based treatments are time taking. A few skin problems don’t actually reverse completely rather tone down with treatment. Such as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, and seborrhea which are chronic, meaning they get better slowly with treatment and reoccur when the treatment stops.

Those skin care brands who claim to change your complexion within days hence should not be trusted as final words.

Men Have A Better Skin Than Women

Men experience the same skin conditions as women. Such as acne, aging, wrinkles, Atopic dermatitis and so many more. They need an equal skin care as women. Rather sometimes they need to focus their skin conditions even more because of an additional problem of having facial hair.

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