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Moisturizing must for Skin Care

Moisturizing must for Skin Care

Winter is slipping away, leaving dryness, pimples and acne on your skin, here is what you can do to keep your skin smooth and beautiful. These beauty tips are meant for all season and play an important role in your skin care.

For a beautiful skin care and body care massage your face and body with a little bit of moisturizer. You have to use these lotions and moisturisers regularly as a part of daily skincare routine. Cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturize your way to healthy, glowing skin!

If you are still undecided about the moisturiser, you can always go for some normal, unscented lotion which can help in body care but use this with care as they might damage your sensitive skin. Johnson & Johnson makes a wonderful moisturizer and Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturizers are excellent options for skin care and body care. These products contain salicylic acid, which works to fight acne while skin conditioners keep your skin soft and smooth.

Remember there are some fruity flavours of lip gloss and chap-stick which make your lips soft, luscious and safe. Try to keep a tube of lip balm with you at all times in case the wind and chill start beating up on your sexy smile.

This beauty tip suggest that for perfect body care and skin care, select a body lotion that you like and warm it up by rubbing a small amount between your hands. You can always smooth the lotion over the dry parts of your chest to prevent the dry areas from becoming worse. These lotions work when dryness and peeling on the face becomes apparent immediately.

According to this beauty tip, moisturise your body especially the legs which are more susceptible to dryness in the winter, too. In order to have smooth and silky legs in some shaving cream with extra moisturizer added.

Remember that skin care is very important, after you get out of the shower and whenever you think of it, slather on your favourite lotion from your thighs to your toes, paying special attention to your knees, shins, ankles and heels.

If you do house work—especially washing dishes – your hands may crack easily. Keep a small bottle of hand lotion with you always before your skin get worse. For a flawless skin care, moisturise is essential.

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