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5 Steps to Firmer And Better Skin

Firmer And Better Skin

Firm and supple skin is indeed a thing of beauty and a matter of joy, but without proper care it will not stay forever. Although it is true that the skin has its own ways of exfoliation, repair and maintenance, wrong habits, bad lifestyle choices and aging leaves your skin dull and unresponsive in the long run. Here are a few easy ways to stoke skin metabolism naturally and regain the lost glow and radiance.

  1. Focusing on proper nutrition

Nothing is as important as right nutrition to prevent skin sagging. Including food stuff that is rich in selenium such as Brazil nuts is found to boost skin health manifold by retaining its elasticity. Antioxidants are extremely helpful in fighting skin damage. A glass of fresh fruit juice in your daily diet can do real wonders as it strengthens the blood vessels that underlie your skin, thus effectively preventing the destructive effects of aging.

  1. Exercising regularly

Proper exercise enhances blood circulation and leaves your skin toned. Why go for expensive cosmetic surgeries when sticking to a daily routine of extremely simple facial and overall body exercises that will help tighten up your skin?

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  1. Drinking lots of water

Flushing out the toxic elements and other waste particles from your skin cells, water intake keeps your body hydrated and fresh. Drinking plenty of pure water is actually the easiest and healthiest way to keep your skin moisturized and toned throughout the day, however hectic your schedule may be.

  1. Saying ‘no’ to smoking

Cigarette smoking is hazardous to health and to your skin. Even occasional exposure to cigarette smoke blocks the normal blood flow to the skin, resulting in sluggish metabolism. As soon as you quit smoking, the relieved skin cells quickly kick off renewal procedures and very soon, the normal pace of your skin’s metabolism is restored.

  1. Avoiding exposure to pollutants, water and UV rays

Exposure to UV rays, environmental pollution meddles with the normal functioning of your skin. Also, be warned that overexposure to water too can be hazardous. If your skin is exposed to water persistently for a prolonged period, its lipid barrier that acts as a protective shield will be depleted, leaving your skin defenseless against UV rays and similar damaging external aggressors.

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