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How to Control Women Facial Hair

facial hair on woman

Almost every woman has facial hair problem, getting rid of facial hair is very important. Out of every 100 woman 80 percent woman faces this kind of problems. There are can hair on cheek, forehead, jawline, chin and even on nose. Facial hair on woman can simply makes them look ugly.

getting rid of facial hairThere are many reasons of facial hair on woman, such as some woman has hormone problems. Let’s not discuss the reason of them because there are so many; here we will talk about getting rid of facial hair.

Every woman wants to look best and this facial hair is one of the reasons that they can’t look much beautiful as they wish they could. Let’s discuss how facial hair on woman can be controlled or how woman can get them away. There are some medical treatments and some cosmetic treatments; we will have a look on both so that facial hair on woman can no longer be a problem.


Bleach your skin twice or once in a month. Getting rid of facial hair is a difficult but this bleaching is the easiest way to hide them. Well in bleaching, hair gets blend with the skin and become sort of invisible. This bleaching is just for those women who have light hair. Avoid doing it too much, excess of everything is bad.

Threading or Waxing

Facial hair on women gives very unpleasant feeling, as woman is the symbol of beauty. Every woman has the right of getting rid of facial hair. Most of the women get their eye brows and upper lips thread its really common. Threading is the best way to control facial hair but yes it is painful. Women get threading on areas where there is excess of hair like forehead, jawline and chin. The other option for the control of facial hair is waxing, but after waxing thick hair comes but it depends on you what your preference is. Waxing can even cause some infection. Facial woman on hair is a big problem but use those methods which are tested and save.

Laser Treatments

Facial hair on woman is a big hurdle when it comes to the beauty of woman. Medical treatments are available, getting rid of rid of facial hair is not an issue now. The best method which is used by many women is laser. This is the most rapid treatment for getting rid of facial hair. Usually this procedure takes only 5 to 6 minutes to remove hair for smaller portions such as chin and upper lips. Laser treatments are long lasting this is a fact. Getting rid of facial hair by laser is the easiest procedure, in this heat is given to the affected area.


Getting rid of facial hair is the dream of every woman. Many women want the permanent solution to get rid of them. Facial hair on woman sounds really unpleasant too. There is a new treatment called Electrolysis. It is more effective than laser treatment. Getting rid of facial hair permanently is just possible by this treatment. This procedure is done by giving electric current and it is suitable for every skin type. In this process the follicles which makes facial hair on woman gets damage. Getting rid of facial hair is not easy in this process because it leaves some sorts of scars on the face, but woman you can hide them by applying some makeup.


You can use medicines which have estrogen and anti-androgens. They can be used for long term but use them after seeing a doctor because they can be very harmful for health.

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