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6 Ways to Age Proof Your Skin

6 Ways to Age Proof Your Skin

Do you wish to age-proof your skin? Then it is important to keep it healthy and glowing. There are many products that boast of anti-aging. But, these products will not give you permanent results. You will have to follow some other ways to age-proof your skin. Check them out right here.

  1. Reduce stress

This sounds clich├ęd, but stress takes a toll on the skin. It causes premature lines and aging. So stay away from any kind of stress. Practice different stress relief tricks. Maintain a balance in your professional and personal life. By staying away from stress, you will be able to maintain the natural texture of your skin.

  1. Drink and drink more

Your habit of drinking excess water can actually prove to be beneficial for your skin. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water to naturally hydrate your skin. Drink lots of vegetable juices to maintain the Ph balance of the skin. Fruit juices are enriched in natural vitamins and minerals. By drinking fruit juices, you can prevent aging signs and wrinkles from showing up on your skin. Have green tea once a day as it helps to protect the skin from the damage of UV rays.

  1. Focus on your diet

What you eat today will show on your skin tomorrow. Poor diet leads to wrinkles and dullness. It is important to have a diet which is good for the skin. Focus on a diet which helps your skin to stay healthy! Include a balanced meal of fiber, protein and fats. Do include foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids in your diet plan, as it helps to prevent acne and breakouts by balancing the hormones. Include lots of nuts as they are rich in antioxidants. Two portions of fruits and veggies must be included in your daily diet. A healthy diet will help to make your skin look younger.

  1. Be a teetotaler

Refrain from drinking alcohol or smoking to maintain a young charm on skin. Excessive smoking and drinking does affect the texture of skin by making it look dull. Stick to natural drinks to maintain a shine on your skin.

  1. Protect the skin from damage

Protect your skin from external sun damage. While going out in the sun, always apply a good sunscreen or a sun block. This will help to prevent the skin from external sun damage.

  1. Practice a good skin care routine

Your skin needs extra care. So, maintain a cleansing, moisturizing and a toning regime. Cleansing helps to remove all the impurities from the skin. Moisturizing will help to soothe the skin. Toning helps to make the skin firm and subtle. Exfoliate your skin once a week using a good exfoliate, this will help to maintain a glow on your skin.

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