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How to Get the Perfect Red Lip

An excellent weapon of séduction par excellence, the red lip is the statement makeup look we keep coming back to. In honor of National Lipstick Day, we have collated our top tips from makeup experts. Read on to learn how to create the perfect pout.

How to choose the perfect shade of red

“While I’m not a big believer in makeup rules, there are some guidelines for finding your ideal red lipstick. Warm orange-reds for example naturally sit better with neutral – olive/yellow-based skin tones, whereas cool toned blue-reds look great against skin with cooler undertones (red/blue). However, as with everything there are exceptions to every rule, for example l love the way blue-reds pop on olive skin, so it’s a matter of testing, experimenting and seeing what works for you.” – Lisa Eldridge

How to wear the red lip

“I personally like it when the rest of your makeup isn’t too overpowering – red lipstick is such a statement in itself, you don’t need to compete with it. I love it with a bare, beautifully shaded eye and glossy skin. Keeping the rest of your makeup neutral but well defined is also the most modern way to wear red – as soon as you add strong, arched brows, dark liner and lashes for example, the whole makeup becomes vintage.

However, I also know lots of people who look incredible with smokey eyes and red lips – so it definitely changes from face to face and also depends on your comfort level. Red lips can wash you out a little, so don’t forget blush.”- Lisa Eldridge

How to apply your lipstick “à la Parisienne”

  1. Close your mouth

“It’s easiest to see the shape of the mouth when it’s closed. So keep it closed when applying the products and when following the shape of the lips.” – Violette

  1. Press the lipstick against your lips

“Tap lipstick onto the lips for a good color without looking overdone. You’re going for a naturally flushed look.” – Violette

“If your lips are on the thinner side, apply lipstick directly, without lip liner, then press the stick into the corner, for a bolder, worn-in look. That effortless Parisian chic effect will make you look like you got ready in five minutes, and still look perfect.” – Val Garland

  1. Apply the lipstick with you fingers

“The makeup that makes me sure of myself? Lively bright red lips, on a nude make-up look. I apply my lipstick with a finger, for a melted effect.” – Jeanne Damas.

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