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Casual Makeup Tips for a Casual Date

Casual Date Makeup

Casual Date MakeupCasual date demands casual makeup because there are some events in life where overdoing with makeup spoils the encounter. So it is good to not hurdle your makeup while going on a date. A sharp makeup makes a girl look more glamorous which is suitable for parties and events but for casual date doing casual makeup and staying casual means a lot.

There are many cosmetic brands such as L’OrĂ©al, Estee Lauder and Oriflame that have a wide variety of nude and neutral makeup products for casual makeup. So it is not a big deal to worry for casual makeup for a casual date. Just get a perfect casual makeup kit and apply casual makeup before going out.
Tips To Apply Casual Makeup

Start with cleaning your face. Wash your face with a moisturizing cleansing lotion and also do mild exfoliation and scrub your face. Then wipe your face with a good toner or with rose water. Now pat dry your face and proceed with moisturizer.

After cleansing, moisturize your face with a good quality skin friendly lotion. Then apply little concealer on your fingertips and apply it on your face by blending gently. Concealer covers blemishes, scars and pimples  and remember that concealer must complement your skin complexion to get a perfect casual makeup.

Applying Foundation
Use a larger brush to apply foundation on your face and neck. Choose foundation according to your skin tone because it blends perfectly with skin.

Casual Makeup Base
Now start the base makeup. Apply compact on your face but it again must match your skin tone. For a radiant look, apply bronzer or darker shade on your face. Do not apply more coats of foundation and avoid heavy layers of compact powder for a lighter casual makeup.

Casual Eye Makeup
After base, start casual eye makeup. Highlight your eyes with nude colors like light pink, beige, sky blue, light brown, golden, smoky grey or silver. After applying eye shade, make your eye lid prominent with eyeliner keeping it fine. Then apply single coat of mascara in black color. Avoid applying bright eye shadows.

Casual Lipstick
Pick up neutral shades of lipstick such as light pink, light purple, nude brown, light orange or glossy red or pink. Lip gels or can also be applied in shimmering pink and copper. Then apply lip liners in same shade. Avoid using bold lipstick colors like red, magenta, chocolate brown, dark purple.

Casual Blush On
Blush on enhances cheeks so choose light pink or brown tones of blush on. Squeeze your lips and then apply light stroke of blush on starting from cheek apple to downwards.

Face Contouring
It helps to make your face the way you want. Use large brush and apply some brown contouring powder on it. Then contour your forehead, chin, face walls and neck bone. It will make your face cut prominent and fine.

Casual Hair
The final touch is to get a casual hairstyle for casual date. Leave your hair open or make some messy crunch and leave casually. You can also tie a casual hair bun at your nape to look more elegant on your casual date.

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