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8 Best Indie Nail Polish Brands

If you’re unfamiliar with the trend of Indie Nail Polishes, we’re here to enlighten you! These polishes are made by brands that are independently owned and operated. Through this, they are able to create niche, cult-favorite indie nail designs, which is such a breath of fresh air to otherwise usual, routine shades and styles by big nail-polish companies. Many also have very high standards, like quality finishes, clean non-toxic ingredients, and eco-friendly formulas. Sounds awesome, right? Here are our top 10 favorite brands to try!


ILNP is a fabulous brand, and there’s no denying it. Their products are long-lasting, non-toxic, handmade, and vegan. Plus they carry an utterly stunning range of nail paints -metallics, holographic, multi chromes, flakies, glitter, etc. You’ll be staring at your nails all the time, I promise! Also, you don’t need to layer them – just one swipe will leave you with a distinct, smooth finish. Their customer service is awesome too, and the reviews vouch for the same.

Floss Gloss

The long, gorgeous, painted nails on their Instagram will have you floored! And they have lots of them uploaded, so you’ll keep on scrolling. The colors are all happy and single-toned and can dry either glossy or matte. Some of the names are notable and can make you smile – like the nude shade titled BritBrit 2000 referring to Britney Spears’ historic VMA outfit. The packaging is great too, so is the applicator – it’s like a win-win purchase in every which way.

Holo Taco

There is no such thing as boring nails in Cristine’s, Holo Taco’s founder, dictionary. She’s all about bold, loud, glamorous colors that are made to create a statement. Launching her nail fanatic career with a YT channel, which has over 7 million subscribers now, the creator launched her nail polish line a year ago. Along with her exuberant nail lacquer range, she also has a ‘Peely’ base coat ready-to-purchase; it gently peels off your nail polish in one swoop. The product is like a savior for those sticky glitter nail paints.


With an Instagram full of some artistic hand poses, J Hannah’s nail paints are a little subdued, very subtle, quite elegant, and lend lots of grace to the wearer. The nail polishes are inspired by artistic palettes and natural elements, so they’re the standalone colors you need in your kit. They will either attract you – or they won’t – there’s no in-between. The high-quality nail polishes last long, grab attention, are toxic-free, and made in The States itself. Grab yours from their e-commerce store today!

Indigo Bananas

An Oregon-based Indie nail polish company, run by a single passionate person, Andrea. The name is a silly pun for ‘Go Bananas for Indies’; although it becomes quite relatable when you go through their beautiful Instagram feed. The colors are all bright and fun. And the majority are infused with flakies; superb nail polish additions that yield stunning radiating effects but are easy to remove, unlike glitter.

KB Shimmer

For those in love with all things shimmery and twinkly, you have come to the right place. The owner, Christy, is deep in love with colors from a small age and comes up with the most unique shades in her collection. From gorgeous halos to standalone hues with a radiating sheen – the range is eye-catching and worth investing in. I love that she also has cuticle oils, lotions, and creams in her collection to offer a full nail-care range to shoppers.

Cote Nail Polish

If you love minimalism, simple and easy on the eyes kinda nail colors, Cote will be your go-to India nail polish brand. Currently, I’m obsessing over their fantastic green colors, thanks to the Spring vibes. Though, they have many shades in the same palettes – so you can find the perfect one for you. None of the pigments look way too much and the applicator brush gives an easy finish in one swipe.

JINsoon Nail Lacquer

Never flashy, never brash, just elegant and classy – sounds like your idea of a nail color? Then JINsoon’s fantabulous collection is your pick. Jin Soon Cho left Korea and moved to NYC to follow her passion for nail grooming. From working at nail salons to biking her way to offer one-on-one services to clients and finally opening her own spas in New York, she has worked her way to the top. She launched her eponymous nail collection in 2012 and you can purchase the same from her online retail store.

Indie nail polishes have base materials sourced from the same suppliers as the larger company, so their stay power is great, sometimes better. Their growth lies in their ability to push boundaries and create polishes that are unlike any you can find in a drugstore brand. People love that! Many women have hundreds of Indie nail polishes in their collection. The striking colors sure make for a great pick and can even deter a longtime nail-biter.

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