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Casual Makeup Tips

Wearing makeup becomes more than essential when you have a social life or you’re working. You have to wear makeup wherever you go; at whatever time of the day. Seldom it happens that you go to some formal evening and wear dark makeup, casual daily makeup, however becomes a part of your daily life.

Whenever you go out, whether to work or some casual or semi-formal gathering, wearing the right amount of makeup is very important. Having a flawless skin is the dream of every woman, but even with a few blemishes, it is always advisable to wear less makeup, especially during the day time.

Here’s a little makeup guide on how to wear the right amount of makeup in your daily life.

  • Face

If you have a flawless skin, that’s just great! Even then, it is essential to keep a concealer with you, just in case a pimple might pop up out of the blue.

If you have a few blemishes on your skin, then a concealer really helps. Apply little amount of the concealer wherever required for daily makeup. Avoid putting on heavy foundation on your skin, because it will prevent your skin from breathing. A good mattifying gel might also help, but try not to put it on for long hours.

  • Eyes

It is advisable for makeup guide not to put on much shades on your eyes. Even pencil eyeliner and mascara would do just fine for your daily routine. But if you are going to some occasion, other a formal one, then you can put some light shade on your eye lid. Avoid putting on eye makeup all day long as the skin of the eyes is more sensitive and becomes prone to allergy.

  • Cheeks

Skipping the cheek area for your daily makeup would be fine. However, if you really want to put some color on, then you can go for a peachy or brown shade. Even a light bronzer would also do the job.

  • Lips

Lips are the most important part for your daily routine makeup. A good makeup guide tip is to wear different shades of pink, peach and faun that would look great for casual makeup. Wearing only a lipstick with a touch of a concealer would do the job for your long hour routine. Don’t forget to put a balm on your lips before wearing the lipstick. You might want to refresh your lipstick one or two times during the day.

  • Customize your Routine

Everyone has their own requirement and skin type. Adjust your daily makeup routine according to your style and your working hours. It is not necessary to color all sections of your face. See what works for your best and then decide what to wear and what not to wear. Always keep wipes with you in your handbag and try to refresh your makeup if you get a minute or two during the day. Remember, less is more and simple is more beautiful.

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