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Lipstick Shades for Fair Skin

Lipstick Shades for Fair Skin

Lipstick Shades for Fair SkinThere are a few lip colors that can impart a dull and unattractive look even to the fair complexion and fair ladies must know about the exact tones that can spoil their looks. There are numerous factors that contribute to the precise selection of lip colors for fair complexion. Moreover, everyone wants to buy the lipstick shades that would go with maximum outfits and almost all kind of makeup. We are going to discuss the lipstick color guide for fair skin and specifically the “don’t buy” range of lipstick shades for fair skin. The most difficult thing when you are standing beside the lipstick shades show case is the selection as almost all the lip colors appear irresistibly good.

Lip colors selection method

The lipstick shades guide tip is to analyze your skin tone first. Remember, that complexion and skin tone are two different things. Having fair complexion doesn’t say everything about your skin. You must know if your skin is pale or pinkish in family. Moreover, the actual shade of your nude lips is the most important thing to analyze before purchasing the appropriate lipstick shades for fair skin as the real color of your lips is sure to reflect even if you apply the thickest layer of lip colors. The method of selection is that search for the color family your facial skin is. if pinkish, go for the pink family tones and if pale, go for the family that does contain a little pale in its composition.

“Red” lipstick shades for fair skin

Red lipstick shadesRed lip colors are usually meant for formal evening occasions, if you are looking for red lipstick color guide while your skin is fair, you must go for cherry reds, blood reds and red in its purest form. To be more exact, the reds which don’t have any blues or yellows as under tones. Deep reds or the shades that are more inclined towards maroons or purples are not meant for fair skin. Pure reds suit both the pale tone and pinkish family skins.

Peach lipstick shades

Peach LipstickThe family of peach lip colors suits maximum fair skin tones. Peach shades are generic and suit almost all sorts of casual and formal events. Those who have fair skin but dark brown natural lips must avoid peach lipstick shades as the real color of lips should not be darker than the color you are applying on them.

List of “Don’t buy” lipstick shades for fair skin

Browns, maroons, purples and mauves are not meant for fair skin. These lipstick shades are for dark and black skin tones. But sometimes, you can use any of these lip colors after blending them with other lipstick shades and changing their actual impact.

Light lip colors for fair skin

Light Lips ColorsThe lip colors that are just two or three tones darker than your actual skin would suit you the most. Though light, yet such lip colors such as caramels, coffee, pinks, rose pinks, wine colors, would impart a fresh and lively look to your face.

Deep orange and fluorescent lipstick shades

Deep orange Lipstick ShadesLadies with fair skin have this privilege of wearing bright and fluorescent lipstick shades such as oranges, magenta, bold pinks confidently. These lip colors are sure to impart a dynamic change in your casual appearance. The aforesaid lipstick color guide line tips would definitely make your choice of appropriate lipstick shades easier. Enjoy playing with various lip colors.

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