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Create beautiful looking eyes with some easy to follow eye make up tips for the sultry or dazzling look.

Create beautiful looking eyes with some easy to follow eye make up tips for the sultry or dazzling look.

Eye makeup can be a daunting task and we tend to be scared to experiment with eye makeup colours because of our hesitance to look like a 1980’s bride gone wrong! Here are some staple eye make up tips which we can all follow to make sure our eyes seem sultry and beautiful.

Eye make up artists suggest dusting translucent powder under the eye, before applying eye makeup colour. You can brush off any excess eye colours which may fall down.

Eye makeup artists apply the base eye colour first; this is usually a neutral tone of beige which provides a foundation colour to build upon. It’s only after this, that the definition darker eye colour can be added and blended in.

For definition with a darker crease colour, eye makeup artists hold the brush flat on the outer corner of the eye and with one smooth movement, sweep across the crease of the eye. Always remember to BLEND, BLEND, BLEND.

Any eye make up too dark, near the inside of your eye, can make your eyes seem closer together. Instead, lightly wet a small flat brush and dip it in either gold or silver eye colour. Apply a light dot of eye colour where your eyes begin, near your nose. This opens up your eyes instantly.

For dazzling eyes, please stay away from glitter as you can end up looking like a 6 year old girl who put it all over her eyes. For eye make up tips, think SHIMMER. Silver works best with pink skin tones and gold or peach eye colours work best with warmer skin tones. Barry M, Urban Decay and Chanel have some lovely eye colours perfect for those dazzling eyes. Make sure the brush is lightly wet, as it helps keep the eye colour stay put.

Creating smoky eye make up can be tricky because nobody wants to look like they’ve been punched! Try using metallic brown eye colours and mix them with black. Also, blend and smooth a line of a smoky eye colour near your lower lashes so the eye makeup doesn’t look top heavy.

Use a pearly white eye colour underneath your eyebrow. This opens up the eye area. Try Bourjois or Mac for that perfect pearly white eye colour.

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