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7 Makeup Tips for Your Daughter

7 Makeup Tips for Your Daughter

Has your teen daughter begun using makeup? Are you concerned about this? Do you want to ensure that she uses makeup in the right way? Here are a few makeup tips that you should give your daughter.

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  1. Keep the makeup basic

One of the first tips you should give your teen daughter is to keep her makeup occasional and minimal. In a girl’s teenage years, her skin is supposed to be at its dewy best. You should advice her to keep that freshness intact by avoiding heavy makeup.

If she must use makeup, recommend a few basic foundation and rouge shades that she can use. Tell her to strictly stay away from tan sprays, bronzers and shimmer powders.

  1. Experiment with nail art

Nail art is in vogue these days and teen girls are likely to take a fancy to it. It is better if your daughter experiments with false nails and different types of nail art rather than experimenting with her delicate skin.

Introduce her to sequins and paste-on designs that she can use on her nails without causing you much worry.

  1. Get her to use lip balms rather than lipsticks

Young girls love changing their lip colors frequently and they love experimenting with their lips. Lipstick tends to stay on for a long time and is not an ideal makeup product for a young girl.

Introduce your daughter to lip balms that come in many colors, shades, textures and flavors. Let her have fun changing her lips from being fruity to shimmery without damaging her skin.

  1. Teach your daughter how to remove makeup

It is important to teach your daughter how to remove makeup from her skin when she is young because she will carry forward these habits when she grows up. Tell your daughter how pores of the skin become clogged if makeup is not removed every night.

Teach her to use special makeup removal solutions or show her the simple process of dabbing a cotton swab in a skin lotion and cleaning her skin with it.

  1. Familiarize your daughter with neutral shades of makeup

You must drill into your daughter’s head that she should use as little makeup as possible because too much of it can ruin her natural complexion. Introduce her to matte shades and neutral makeup palettes that complement her beauty rather than shadowing it.

  1. Makeup balance

If your daughter is a makeup novice, you should teach her how to balance her makeup to keep her natural beauty look untouched. For example, teach her that if she uses more mascara and eyeliner for her eye makeup, then she should keep the rest of her face free of makeup so that the focus remains on her eyes.
Similarly, if she uses an eye-catching lip color, she should skip eye makeup and heavy rouge so that her lips can do the talking.

  1. Makeup hygiene

One of the most important makeup tips you can give your daughter is related to makeup hygiene. Explain to your daughter how she must maintain and clean her makeup brushes and other makeup paraphernalia.

Teach her the importance of use-by dates and how she must immediately discard a cosmetic if it has crossed its expiry. Lastly, teach her to never share her makeup with anyone else because it can lead to infections.

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