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Give Yourself a Home Made Body Wrap and Loose Inches

Current trend of body wraps have become one of the most popular spa luxury treatment and also amongst the most expensive treatment to lose inches.There is no need to pay smart amount at a beauty spa or health spa to take the services of body wrap.

Body wraps are beautiful way to relax and pamper you; body wraps are also used for centuries for human health and beauty benefits. Following are some marked benefits that are associated with body wraps.

  • Lose inches, body wraps are fat metabolizing so it can eliminate fat from the body naturally with less effort. You can lose inches with little effort.
  • Cellulite elimination, body wraps are useful in elimination of cellulite, and its further production.
  • Healing, for centuries body wraps are good for healing purpose. Ancient Greeks commonly practice body wraps to heal the wounds.
  • Toning and tightening, body wraps are very useful in toning your body. They also used in age control treatment in spas.
  • Ease joint pain, to manage the pain body wraps is quite useful.
  • Improving blood circulation, blood circulation is needed for the better health. Body wraps are very useful in improving blood circulation.

How to do a body rap?

Basic Instructions:

  • Firstly the most important thing is room temperature. Before performing the steps for body wraps, warm the room at your desired temperature. Keep in mind that body wraps are more comfortable in winter season to beat the chill.
  • Purchase plastic sheets, to place your body wrap material and bucket on and tolie on.
  • Buy a spa blanket that is available in market at very cheap rate. The purpose of this blanket is to make warm your body.
  • To add romantic touch light candles, burn essential oils of your choice and play some soft relaxing music in the room.
  • Have a dry brush for your skin, after body wrap working in small circular motions this brush will help you.
  • Warm water to take a shower.
  • Spas generally use linen sheets, but you can use towels.
  • Have hot bath for couple of days after having body wrap.
  • Measure your body, record the inches.

Body wrap recipe

There are no hard and fast rules to make body wraps; you can mix the ingredients of your choice to take their benefits. Following is a natural herb body wrap recipe to give you idea about how to make body wrap mask.

Natural Herbs Body Wrap

  • Have four cups of clay, it must be according to your body type like Bentonite is good for oily skin, Pink Kaolin do well for sensitive to dry skin, Yellow Kaolin is suitable for normal skin.
  • Have a cup of Epsom salt, easily available in market at herb store.
  • Have cup of grind herbs, you can grind the herbs in your kitchen blenders. The best option for body wrap herbs could be Lavender, Chamomile or the herbs of your choice. No restriction to remain in the boundaries.
  • Mix them all in boiled water.

Directions to do body wraps

  • Boil 10 glassesof refine water in a pot.
  • Remove the boiled water from the heat and add your desired body wrap ingredients into the water.
  • Give time to dissolve the ingredients into the water. It will take 10 to 15 minutes approximately.
  • Now the main procedure is head to follow. Dip the towels or sheets into the mixture wrap your body starting from your ankles to your neck.
  • Use towel from its length to wrap the leg, cross ways use of towel around your mid-section and for chest toward the upper back.
  • Wrap the arms in same fashion.
  • Lie down on bed or the place that you prepare for body wrap,nuzzle into your plastic cover or blanket for 1 hour.
  • After the body wrap, take a bath with lukewarm water.

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