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How to Clean Your Home

Home Cleaning

Your guests are arriving. You have to cook food as well as clean the house and the clock is ticking. But Just Don’t panic! Here are a few tips to clean up your house in few minutes at least giving it the appearance of having a clean and healthy domicile.

Home Clean IdeasIf you’re smart with your time and strategic with your cleaning preference, a lot can get done in a few short minutes. It is not required to engage in serious cleaning with your full collection of cleaning equipment. Just spend 30 seconds to think over your strategy and make a cleaning check list. It is better to hit most of the areas in a brief time than to spend all the time on one job. Try and cover all the areas that are important.

  • Focus on specific rooms

When people come over, they are likely to spend time at particular spaces like kitchen, 1 bathroom, or a dining room. So concentrate on these spaces as most guests don’t wander to other rooms.

  • Hit the big areas

Sweeping up the kitchen or vacuuming the living area may only take a few minutes. Once done at least spend a minute looking around common areas and pick up noticeable pieces of trash and junk if they are still there.

  • Put away clutter

Focus on picking up clutter from different areas.You can grab a laundry basket and go through the house and collect everything that is not meant for that space at that time.
Slide away the laundry basket and bags in a room that is not likely to be used. Items can be stuffed in a closet or under the bed.

Equipment and supplies needed

  • Vacuum cleaner. Since you have limited time, the best cleaning equipment you can drag is the vacuum cleaner.
  • Disposable floor mop and dusting pads. Get a floor cleaner with duster that is designed for fast cleaning.
  • Dry dust cloths They can be used to dust clear surfaces as they are designed to pick up more dust than the average rag.
  • Disinfectant wipes Just grab a couple of these and wipe down the kitchen counter and bathroom surfaces.
  • Paper towels it will help you quickly dry wet surfaces to give an impressive shine.
  • Toilet scrubbers having disposable cleaning heads This will allow you to clean the bowl and toss the scrubbing head without using additional supplies.
  • Air freshener it will help you quickly brighten up the air in your home.

Prioritize the rooms that you start with which is usually the kitchen, a bathroom, the dining room, or the sitting room. Below is a basic checklist to help you get started.


  • Just toss a lemon peel into the garbage disposal and run it.
  • Clear the clutter off the kitchen table and counter tops, put items into cupboards and papers into bags.


  • Use a toilet scrubber with a disposable cleaning head to scrub the bowl
  • Clean the toilet seat  with a disinfectant wipe and towel it dry.
  • Wipe the mirror clean with a lint-free cloth or newspaper.
  • Clean the sink, the sink basin and faucet with disinfectant wipes and paper towels.

Dining room

  • Clear collected papers and books off the dining room table.
  • Dust the dining table surface with a dust cloth.
  • Run a floor mop quickly across the floor.

Sitting room

  • Clear clutter into bins and hide out of sight
  • Vacuum the carpet or mop the floor.

Common areas

  • Walk through your home and spray air freshener in each area where your guests are likely to spend time.
  • You can light a scented candle in the sitting room.

The above suggestions can be a great tool to do up your house very quickly.

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