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The Economical Home Spa Treatments for Feet

Home Spa Treatments

Home Spa TreatmentsCarry out a home spa treatment for feet. Feet are precious and you need to take good care of them by making them look pretty and beautiful.

Just like any other part of our body, our feet require regular care and attention too. The often get dry and rough due to the constant work that we take from them and the different kind of shoes we wear every now and then. Therefore, home spa treatments for feet are a great way to make them look ever-appealing and protect them from being dry and rough. Here is what you can do in home spa treatments for feet in order to make them look beautiful all the time.

Soak your feet

In home spa treatments for feet, the first step is to soak your feet in luke warm water which has a few bath salts, a few drops of your favorite shower gel or shampoo and a body oil like olive oil, almond oil etc. Just dip your feet into a tub filled with this water mixture and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes at least.


The next step in traditional home spa treatments for feetis the exfoliation.  A pumice stone is a great tool for exfoliation of feet. It helps in removing the dead skin and lets new cells to breathe well. Rub it around the base of your heel and toe specifically. You can also use good foot scrub for further effectiveness and exfoliation of dead skin of your feet during the home spa treatments for feet.

Clip and File

Once you are done with soaking and scrubbing, move towards your nails and make sure that you pay attention to your cuticles in home spa treatments for feet. For feet, never keep the length of nails very long as they look very odd and unhygienic. A nice medium or short length of nails is good. File the edges well and do not cut the nail too short as that too can lead to nail infections of feet. Moreover, for feet nails do not round the edges as problems like in-grown toe nail arise from it.


A massage is one of the most essential steps in home spa treatments for feet. A good massage of feet not only helps in relaxing the feet but it is extremely therapeutic for the entire body as all the nerves of our body are gathered in the feet. Therefore, have a foot massage in home spa treatments for feet for at least 20 to 30 minutes and enjoy every bit of it. You can use a foot lotion or a cream for the massage or simply a good body lotion.

Finishing Touches

Give the final touch to your feet in home spa treatments for feet by applying your favorite nail polish or just a transparent base coat which helps the nails by preventing them from breakages. Normally, neutral color nail polishes are really good for applying after awesome home spa treatments for feet.

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