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Braid Style Tips for Women in 2015

Summer is all set to welcome the hot trends of dresses and hairstyles. When it comes to grooming, none of the look is considered complete without the classy hairstyle. One of the most popular of the summer hairstyles is the braid.

Whether you are get ready to go for a formal merriment or an casual hangout, diverse styles and examples of mesh hairdos can satisfy everything you’re needs for awesome hair looks. There are an a lot of twist examples that are in pattern these days.

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1: Braids with Bangs

Use the front half of your hair to make the usual bangs. Now bring the braids on your forehead just like the bangs and pin them up.

2: Back Crown Look

Make a back crown look by parting hair in the middle and keep the braids simple and tidy from both sides. Fold your braids towards back of your head and pin them up like a crown.

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3: Casual Braid Hairstyles

Bring out your fashionable personality by making casual side braid hairstyles. Keep it loose and simple like a laid-back fishtail.

4: Colorful Braids

Rock a playful braid style by adding a touch of color. Weave a bright colored ribbon in your side braid to give it a funky and playful feel.

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5: Fairy Tail Braid

Give yourself a tall tale look by making a delicate version of twist. Start interlacing you’re long locks halfway down a falling style and wind up with a red strip.

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