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5 Best Braid Hairstyles for Young Girls

1. Casual Side Braids

Bring out your fashionable personality by making casual side braid hairstyles. Keep it loose and simple like a laid-back fishtail.

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2. Color in Braids

Rock a playful braid style by adding a touch of color. Weave a bright colored ribbon in your side braid to give it a funky and playful feel.

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3. Beach Look Braid

Get ready for a beach look by making a braid with a blasty hair look. Give a beach touch to your hair by using a salt spray before blow drying your hair.

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4. Peek-a-Boo Braid

Get your hair in wet style and make thin braids behind both the ears. Rock these peek-a-boo braids with a bold lip color. You can also rock this hairstyle with a sporty baseball cap.

5. Rapunzel Braid

Give yourself a fairytale look by making a soft version of braid. Begin braiding your long locks midway down in a cascading style and end up with a red ribbon.

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