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Braid Style Hot Styling Tips 2015

Braid Style Hot Styling Tips

Sleek Pony BraidsPony Braids

Create a sleek hair look with classy fishtail pony braid. Make a sleek pony and braid it down neatly till the end.[contentblock id=1]

Merging BraidsMerging Braids

This is simply impressive look with braids that is best for weddings. Create two plain braids from the sides and merge them up into one as you come down. Fix flyaways with hairspray.

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Braid up with BowBraid up with Bow

Add oomph and style to your sleek braid look by adding a simple white bow to the end. You can also add a matching color bow to your streamlined look braid.[contentblock id=2]

Inverted BraidInverted Braid

Give your hair an edge of style and class by making an inverted braid over one ear. It looks great when you slick your hair to the side and rock it up on the evident ear. Adorn your look with an appealing ear-cuff on the same ear.

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French Updo BraidsFrench Updo Braids

Create night-out braid hairstyles to look elegant. Create two conventional French braids and twist them up into a low chignon. Add pearls to adorn your braid.[contentblock id=3]

Punky BraidsPunky Braids

Get some street style look by this perfect Mohawk braid style. Make simple side braids and twist both the braids in a usual Mohawk style to feel funky.

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Side Plait BraidSide Plait Braid

Tousled braid hairstyles are the perfect way to rock natural waves along with classy braids. Make a carefree hairstyle with a small side plait leaving rest of the hair as they are.

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Flowery BraidsFlowery Braids

Fresh up your braid look by adding flowers for bohemian finesse.

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