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Perfumes and You, Fragrance and Personality

perfumes and you fragrance and personality

Perfumes play a crucial part in conveying an idea about who you are. When you buy perfume, make sure that it matches your personality. Every scent conveys a specific image, and you have to understand it to choose one for yourself.

Perfumes have a personality of their own. It can be anything from ‘sophisticated’ to ‘naughty’. Not only do you need to match perfume personality with your personality, but you can also play around with the scents according to your mood.

These five perfume personality types will help you decide which one is suitable for you.

Green Perfumes:

Green PerfumesThose, who love the perfumes of nature, are usually attracted towards Green perfumes. Natural ingredients like galbanum, violet leaves, petit grain, rhubarb, ivy leaves etc. are used to make these exotic perfumes.  These perfumes give a fresh youth-full feeling and should be used by those who are sporty and want 24 hours freshness.

Woody Perfumes:

Woody PerfumesWoody perfumes have a perfume personality which revolves around the natural earthy feel. With huge amounts of sandalwood and patchouli, woody perfumes are not only appealing but also refreshing. Other ingredients like vetiver make these perfumes drier, whereas a bit of citrus gives it an exotic touch.

This is yet another scent for those who love Mother Nature!

Floral Perfumes:

Floral Perfumes

When we talk about the perfume personality of floral scents, pink color and femininity are the first things that come into mind. Women love all types of floral fragrances, whether it is sweet and aldehydic or green and spicy.

Made from essential oils extracted from flowers, these perfumes bring romance in the air, and are best suited for those who or romantic.

You can choose any floral perfume to your taste; rose, jasmine, magnolia, lilacs etc.

Oriental Perfumes:

Oriental PerfumesA mixture of un-conventional fragrances which are associated with sensuality. If you want to have an air of warmth and exotic feel around you, oriental perfumes are the choice.

These fragrances are often used by celebrities, and if you feel that this perfume personality would compliment your personality then you should definitely go for it. If you like dressing up like a princess and flirting is second nature to you, well this is exactly what you are looking for.

Vanilla, musk, amber, woods and cinnamon are some of the famous oriental perfumes types.

Fruity perfumes:

Fruity perfumesperfumes with a fruity touch are refreshing and youthful. The scent of fruits not only gives you a sophisticated feeling but also makes you appealing for people around you. Like floral scents, fruity perfumes are also made from essential oils extracted from fruits.

If you are young, socially active and a person with high spirits, then this scent has the right perfume personality for you. Cherry, apple, melon and peach are some of the mouth watering fruity scents.

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