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Tips To Build an Open Kitchen Cabinet

Build an Open Kitchen CabinetBuilding open kitchen cabinet is not a difficult task. It only requires little effort and tools to do it yourself. Start building your own open kitchen cabinet that takes no more than a week.

Follow the simple and easy tips to build an open kitchen cabinet yourself.

Tools Required:

  • Wood
  • A paint brush
  • A measuring tape
  • A power saw
  • A drill
  • Sandpaper
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Stain or Paint
  • A power sander
  • Some screws
  • Urethane

Steps To Build an Open Kitchen Cabinet

1.       Measure Your Kitchen Space

Measure Your Kitchen Space

First measure your kitchen space to know the actual size of your kitchen cabinet to be built. Note the measuring on paper and determine the size of cabinet.

2.       Select the Wood

Select the WoodSelection of wood is the critical stage of building an open kitchen cabinet. You may need to talk some home improvement stores and professionals about your plans to get some help from them. Take the measurements of your kitchen with you.

Always select a wood according to your kitchen decor and assure that it is durable.

3.       Cut the Wood

Cut the WoodCut the wood based on the size of your kitchen cabinet. You need three pieces such as one top, one base and one back. You also require some shelf pieces for open kitchen cabinet so cut them too.

4.       Sand the Wood

Sand the WoodSanding all wood pieces is the next step to follow while building an open kitchen cabinet. Carefully sand all wood pieces to smoothen the edges. Use power sander for this purpose.

5.       Cabinet Frame Assembling

Cabinet Frame AssemblingNow assemble the side pieces of the kitchen cabinet using screws and drill. Fix bottom piece to the back and side as well. Call any of your family member or friend to help you in assembling the cabinet frame.

6.       Locate Shelves

Locate ShelvesLocating shelves in cabinet needs little care. Mark the shelf location with pencil and then secure L-brackets at the marked positions. Each shelf needs four L-brackets. Set shelf pieces into open kitchen cabinet properly and assure their level as well.

7.       Finishing the Open Kitchen Cabinet

Finishing the Open Kitchen CabinetIt’s time to finish your kitchen cabinet with paint. Apply smooth coats of paint on the cabinet but in same direction. Let it dry and then apply a layer of clear urethane over the paint. Allow it to dry again and apply the final coat.

When the open kitchen cabinet is dry properly, it is ready to use.

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